6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: We judge too quickly in today’s society. This message looks at that great message Jesus preached.

“Hanging around with Dogs & Pigs”

Matthew 7:1-6

Theme; underlying concept that of “Judgment”. Jesus proceeds with the teaching, and then puts it in different ways throughout the rest of the chapter.

Look @ connection between Cp. 6&7

Lets review what Jesus has taught thus far;

We get a deep description of the Christian man& his character

We are shown the effect on him of all that happens in the world & how he reacts to these.

We are reminded his function on earth, to be salt & light set forth for all to see.

Then, having described the Christian as he is & in his setting, our Lord goes on to give instructions with regard to his life in this world. Starting with the relationship to the law, especially considering the false teachings of Pharisees, as Jesus in Chpt. 5 annunciates 6 main principles, giving His view & interpretation of law in contrast to teachings of the day. We were taught how Christians are to behave in general, how the law applies to us, and what is expected of us in our walk with our Savior.

Then in Chpt. 6, our Lord looks at this Christian who has thus been described, living life in this world, & in a relationship with our heavenly Father, knowing that God is always watching us, our alms giving, prayer, fasting, everything to bring about growth & nurture to our spiritual life.

The next section we are showed the danger of the impact of the life in this world around us. Dangers such as worldliness, of living for the here & now.

Now we are taught in Chpt. 7 on our relationship with other people, but the importance that our relationship with our heavenly Father is affected on how we act to our fellow man.

2 men running for office, 1 vegetarian, devout church member, charismatic personality, great speaker, seemed like everything he said was needed. 2 drinker, smoker, known to beat his wife, slovenly appearance who would you vote for. Hitler/Churchill

Matthew 7:1-6 First word “Judge”

To condemn, pronounce guilty, accuse, to express unfavorable opinion, to criticize…

I. The Caution of a Critical Spirit 7:1-4

A. The Peril of Spiritual Pride Vs.1

1. The same word used in John 3:17 - For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

2. Condemnation, lifting oneself up over another in

criticism This kind of judging only comes from pride;that one is better able to judge another

B. The Peril of an Unjust Scale Vs.2

1. An interesting thing happened one day in a church where the great American businessman Samuel Colgate was a member. During an evangelistic campaign a prostitute came forward and confessed her sins. She was broken-hearted and wept openly. she asked God to save her soul and expressed a desire to join the church. "I’ll gladly sit in some back corner," she said. The Preacher hesitated to call for a motion to accept her into membership, and for a few moments the silence was

oppressive. Finally, a member stood up and suggested that action on her request is postponed. At that point Mr. Colgate arose and said with an undertone of sarcasm, "I guess we blundered when we prayed that the

Lord would save sinners. We forgot to specify what kind. We’d better ask Him to forgive us for this oversight. The Holy Spirit has touched this woman and made her truly repentant, but apparently the Lord doesn’t understand she isn’t the type we want Him to rescue." Many in the audience blushed with shame. They had been guilty of judging like the Pharisee in the temple who exclaimed self-righteously, ’God, I thank You that I am not as other men are extortioners, unjust, adulterers" (Luke 18:11) Another motion was made and the woman was

unanimously received into the fellowship. Our Daily Bread, September 14

C. The Peril of a Blind Eye Vs.3

1. “why beholdest thou”

2. We should not look for the faults of others. We need to

notice our own and deal with that

3. “mote” (kar fos) a dry twig or straw

4. “beam” (dok os) stick of timber 2X4

D. The Peril of a Quick Tongue Vs.4

1. “how wilt thou

2. Think before you speak

3. Act upon yourself before you react to others

4. James 1:19-20 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let

every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to

wrath: For the wrath of man worketh not the

righteousness of God.

5. Jesus doesn’t leave us hanging there but gives us the fix to the problem.

II. Cure for A Critical Spirit Vs.5

A. Confront Your Self

1.Lamentations 3:40 – Let us search and try our ways,

and turn again to the LORD. and again, Haggai 1:5 -

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