Summary: This is a mother’s day message . Hannah who did not giveup in the difficult situaion and continue pray until she receiced the delivernce.

Hannah – Grace, abundance grace

society had become a cesspool, a pit of depravity and corruption, when Samuel was born. His day was a time when people had slipped into an immoral, lawless, abusive, violent, compromising, and permissive lifestyle. The depth of their moral decay was seen in cases such as gang rape, homosexuality, wife abuse, child abuse, murder, kidnapping, widespread polygamy, greed, injustice, idolatry, and civil war

But in the midst of such an immoral and lawless society, there were a few persons who lived for God. Their lives demonstrated the light of God’s Holy Word. They loved the LORD and obeyed Him, keeping His commandments. Such a person was Hannah, Samuel’s mother. This chapter begins the story of Hannah and her son Samuel. This is: The Prayer of Hannah and the Birth of Samuel: A Lesson on Total Dedication

The father of Samuel was Elkanah, a priest with no apparent religious function (1 Samuel 1:1). We know that Elkanah was a priest from the genealogy of Samuel (1 Chronicles 6:25-27, 31-36). The family was of the Kohathite branch of the tribe of Levi or priests, and the family was to become ancestors of skilled musicians, musicians who served in the Tabernacle and temple

(like chumma sir – namely teacher but a teacher)

For the fourth time (Judges17:6; 18:1; 19:1), the writer tells us that "there was no king in Israel"; and for the second time (Judges17:6), he adds that "every man did that which was right in his own eyes." Today, there is no king in Israel because the nation chose Barabbas instead of Jesus (Luke 23:13-25). They said, "We will not have this man to reign over us" (Luke 19:14). Because there’s no king in Israel, people are rebelling against God and doing whatever pleases them; and it will be that way until the King returns and takes His throne on earth

ACLU, Liberals said they would lobby Washington until the gay right passes. No one going to the churches, no one reach the bible, no one pray, people lives in materialism, they had abundance of blessing- why need God- they do what pleases tem because there is no king.

1.Hannah – had everything in her name – full of grace

– but not producing the name intended.

Hannah means grace – spell it both ways – full of grace –

But when look her situation it does not make any sense.

She had everything.

Car, home, beauty parlor, Rolls-Royce, boat, servant, friends, loving husband, church, religion, sacrifice, double portion of spiritual rituals, special birthday party, salver, sari, TV, cell phone, peals, jewelry, safe deposit, bank account, cash unlimited credit card for shopping, anything and everything for a religion can satisfy, personal prophet, prayer services, people, etc.

If any one looked at her they will say she is full of grace. Very good opinion about her in the community.

Even in the family, husband liked her more than any one.

2.Lord closed the womb.

You are called for a purpose.

Until you bring forth the spiritual purpose of your life you are barren.

Until you bring forth something with spiritual impact you are not enjoying the grace of God.

It is the Lord closed the womb – to make a covenant with Him.

When people looked at you where is the blessing, you can say -not yet – still I will praise Him.

Why the Lord closed her womb-

It was Samuel who needs to come from that womb – She need to understand the value of the child

The greatness of Samuel needs to have in Hannah. Penninnas can not have Samuels come their wombs.

Samuel who led the people of Israel to its first revival

Samuel who drove philistines back to their territory

Samuel who establish the worship.

Samuel who set up the kingdom of Israel

Samuel who anointed the King David.

He needs lot of prayer and need a prayerful mother to fulfill the purpose and destiny of his life.

3.There is an adversary – Penninna

Penninna means pearl – but do not have the fruit of the name.

You have name that you are alive but you are dead- Jesus said to the church in Revelation.-church in Sardis

Prayer warrior but gossiper, worshiper but back talker, leader but not trustworthy,

Pennina a thorne in Hannah’s life – provoked her with the blessings she has.

Provoked her for the things Hannah did not have.

Not everyone is same – do not provoke people on the things they do not have,

Don’t thing I am not trying the discipline my children but they are not listening. I am helpless. Do not enjoy the tears of other people

The blessing you have might be blocked by God for another person for a purpose.

Do not criticize in your meetings, you do not know why they are going through what they are going through.

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