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Summary: A Mother’s Day sermon with application for all Christians about brokenness, faith, & freedom.

1. The Prayers of Broken Heart are…

poured out to God (1-16)

a. The state of being:

i. Despair (8)

ii. Distress (10)

iii. Depression (11)

b. The action of doing:

i. Submission (11a)

ii. Sacrifice (11b)

iii. Speechless (12-13)

Brokenness finds faith.

2. The Prayers of an Empty Heart are…

heard by God (17-20)

a. God’s blessings should be received (17-18).

b. God’s children will be remembered (19-20)

Faith brings freedom.

3. The Prayers of a Committed Heart are...

wholly given to God (21-28).

a. Giving may require preparation (21-23).

b. Giving may demand consecration (24-25).

c. Giving may call for affirmation (26)

d. Giving must have consummation (27-28).

Freedom knows promise.

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