Summary: Sermon on the Second Beatitude.

I. Introduction

A. Our view of grief

B. What causes us to grieve

C. How do we respond to grief

D. Job’s response to grief: 20 Job arose, tore his clothes, shaved his head, fell to the ground, and worshipped. 21 He said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb; naked I will return there. The Lord has given; the Lord has taken; bless the Lord’s name.” (Job 1:20-21 CEB)

II. First hopelessness, now grief

A. Greek word pḝnthḝṑ

i) Strongest word for mourn: to lament the loss of someone close to you, wail

ii) Revelation 18:11: The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her (CEB)

III. How are we to interpret?

A. Sorrow for our sins

i) Repent

a) Jesus and John the Baptist both called for people to admit their sins

b) When people admit they are sinners, they see their sins, and generally feel bad

ii) The Mourner’s Bench

a) People sat up front, close to the pulpit

b) People knew they had really messed up

c) Would you be willing?

iii) Mourn for your sins, not the consequences (two different things)

a) Wesley: People who wished to receive God’s blessings would need to mourn “either for their own sins, or other men’s” and be “steadily and habitually serious” about it

B. Mourn for others

i) Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Monsoor

a) Navy SEAL serving in Iraq

b) Awarded silver star for returning to s fire-fight to pull a wounded Seal out

c) Sept 29, 2006

1) He was part of a sniper security detail outside Ramadi, Iraq

2) A grenade hits him in the chest and falls in front of him

3) He fell on the grenade saving eleven people

4) A Lt. who was wounded said this: “He never took his eye off the grenade; his only movement was down toward it. He undoubtedly saved mine and the other SEAL’s lives, and we owe him.” (

ii) People are mourning from the figurative grenades flying at them

iii) By mourning for others, you can take some of the pain and provide comfort

iv) Shiva

a) Period of mourning lasting 7 days

b) Mourners do not bathe or shower for pleasure

c) Men do not shave

d) Mirrors in home are covered

e) Sit on the floor to symbolize being brought low

f) Very little speaking

IV. Facing a significant loss

A. Our scripture says you will be comforted

i) Our word for comfort comes from Latin word fortis which means strength

ii) Seek out friends who will mourn with you

iii) Seek out the peace of familiarity

iv) Seek God

V. Call to Action

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