Summary: In our lives, will we praise the Lord because of what He’s accomplished? This is Paul’s urging to all of us: to live in a way that honors God. When we do, God gets the praise and not us … because it’s not about us.

Has the Gospel changed our lives?

Galatians, Part 2

Galatians 1:11-24

- Re: The purpose of the letter

1. To teach

2. To correct

3. To point us to Jesus

- Paul expressed clearly in last week’s study that there is only one Gospel

-- APP: There is only one source of good news; only one that changes lives

-- There is no one else that gives or brings news like this … but Jesus

- It is critical that in the study of the letter that we understand that

- This letter was given to churches in Galatia who were at best, young

-- They were new in the faith ... having just been planted … but had issues

- The teaching that Paul is doing here is challenging them to change

-- They had fallen under the spell of a false doctrine, and were being warned

-- The Gospel literally means good news, but not if it's not from God

- Read Galatians 1:11-24

- Pray

∆ Point 1 - The Gospel is not a man-made thing

- Paul’s testimony to who has given him the word to preach is critical

-- He comes in the name and authority of Christ, to preach and change lives

-- This preaching is not something he desires (not human origin - v11)

- No one could ever accomplish or feel total joy in “preaching repentance”

-- It is in this simple truth that we see ourselves and who we are

-- We are not made for confessing our faults … this is the rebellion in us

- Consider Adam in the garden ... He ran and hid when God sought him out

-- APP: This realization of who we are is critical in understanding Paul's teaching

- The word that Paul preaches has one primary source

-- It has been revealed by the Spirit, given because of Christ (v12)

- It is not something that obtained in school

-- It is not something that man gave him because he had done good things

-- It is also not given b/c he wanted to be a “gospel preacher”

- It was revealed to him because of God’s infinite plan to call us to Himself

-- APP: The same is true with us today; God's word is given to call us

- Paul was educated well beyond the scribes of his time, even the teachers (v14)

-- His knowledge of Jewish law far surpassed many of those in the temple

-- This is why his previous rejection of the Messiah was so firm; without a doubt

- Why? He expected to see the Messiah in a certain form, doing certain things

-- There was an expectation that God would come only one way, and he missed it

-- What he missed was learning that God does not conform to “our way”

- Example: As a teacher of the Law, he completely missed Isaiah 55:8, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.”

- What God does is call us to conform to His ways, by revealing His Grace

-- V15: IMP: God was pleased to reveal to Paul the true Messiah, Jesus

-- By setting Paul apart; he was already destined to preach God’s word to us

-- It is here that we see his true heart: he’d rather please God than man

- This is why his testimony on the road to Damascus is so critical

-- Acts 9 records the conversion of Paul, and this is the fruit of it

-- Acts 9:5, “Who are you, Lord?” Saul asked. “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting,” he replied.”

- IMP: From the very beginning Paul confessed Jesus as Lord

-- When we reveal the truth of Christ to others it is in the same manner

- TRANS: But in order to get to the truth, there is road we must travel

∆ Point 2 – Paul’s Testimony

- Paul presents for them the second proof of how the Gospel is true

-- His argument is, “The gospel changes lives … let me tell you how”

- In essence, he tells them, “Look at what God has done to me!” (v13)

-- Not only did he persecute, but his advancement in Judaism was well known

-- Keep in mind, Paul would have been called “Rabbi Saul” by others around him

- But, when God’s grace came into his life, all of that was changed forever

-- And even more than that, his mission IS NOT based on what he previously knew

- His mission, and all that he preaches, was based on revelation (v16)

-- APP: This trump card stumps even the most ardent spectators of the faith

- His calling to an apostolic office was because He heard directly from God

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