Summary: All it needs is a fresh piece of battery to get you back on your toes!

Has your clock stopped ticking????

1 Samuel 1:7”So it was, year by year, when she went up to the house of the LORD, that she provoked her; therefore she wept and did not eat.”

We have a huge collection of wall clocks adorning all over the walls of our school, Abide

Angel Home, Church and in our home. Suddenly I found many of them stopped ticking, we did check them out with batteries (not new, though) but they refused to budge. Frustrated I just piled them up on the top shelf, many of them were pretty new, we had a hectic time without clocks and the right time had not come to replace them or buy new ones. One day I picked out one among them and took it for repairs, oh, all it took for the beautiful clock to again start dancing was a fresh piece of battery! Excited, I gathered all of them in a bag and took it to the same shop, unflustered by the dust and dirt, the clock repairer went about checking them. Having found the machines in good condition, he inserted fresh batteries into each of them and there they were shaking their legs! I dusted, cleaned and fixed them in their respective places. Oh boy! All my clocks were ticking and working!

I am speaking to someone out there today! All it needs is a fresh piece of battery to get you back on your toes! Yeah, the battery is the time spent with God, without which you are exhausted, frustrated, discouraged, angry gathering dust on the top shelf doing nothing. Do you hear me? Have you stopped ticking?

Hannah though childless, had a wonderful husband who said that he was worth ten kids; however, she felt hopeless and kept weeping all the time because the other woman Peninnah kept nagging about her barren situation. But one day something spectacular happened, Hannah arose from her usual place and walked into the presence of God and wept bitterly at His feet. She just fixed a fresh piece of battery in her life! Hallelujah! She got so charged that the priest thought that she was drunk; have you ever prayed that way? Hard prayer! She not only prayed and poured out her heart to the Lord, but she woke up whistling, quickly grabbed some food and went away peacefully. This is what ‘battery of prayer’ does in your life! Gets you ticking for God! Gets you singing! Hannah goes on to further pray and rejoice, read 1 Samuel 2:1" My heart rejoices in the LORD; My horn is exalted in the LORD. I smile at my enemies, Because I rejoice in Your salvation.”

Many out there are blaming the family, blaming the devil and blaming everyone around for the draught in their life not realizing the fault at their end. Many Christians keep asking, ‘what went wrong and where did it go wrong’ rather than amending the wrongs in their life. Are you there? If your marriage is hitting the rocks, kneel down and pray hard. If your finances are plummeting, lock up your room and pray hard. Cry out to Him. If your health is deteriorating, instead of running to a string of doctors, lift up your hands and heart to God and pray hard. Rip off every spiritual lethargy and get right with God right now. Do not miss Sunday worship, be on time for church, set time regularly everyday to read His Word and separate time for personal communication with God. I challenge you to do these things and watch God do wonderful things in your life! Fix the battery right away!

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