Summary: The decree was authoritative; the deliverance was available; the line was approaching...

Esther 8:13,14

"Hastened and pressed on by the king’s commandment"

Most of us are familiar with the events in the book of Esther, but let me quickly review some of them with you and bring you up to our text verses. Haman has thrown a temper tantrum because Mordecai, a Jew of nobility, has refused to bow nor given reverence to him as everyone else has. As a result, King Ahaserus in an attempt to pacify Haman, allows a decree to be made that on the 12th day of the twelfth month (Adar) all the Jews were to be destroyed. Haman was the wicked mastermind behind all this and was out to get revenge on Mordecai and the nation of his descent. The decree was sent to all of the 127 provinces of the kingdom. In just under one full year all of Haman’s enemies, the Jews were to be completely annihilated.

If the Jews ever needed the help of God they sure needed ti now. Althought God is not named in this little book, He sure is evident. God was behind the scenes shifting and directing them. Through a process of providence a Jewish damsel named Esther was now Queen. She just happened to be kin to Mordecai who would coach her through her appeals to the king on the behalf of their people.

However there is a major problem to overcome. The decree that had been sent to all of the 127 provinces of the kingdom had been sealed with king’s ring, and as a result, it could not be reversed or cancelled. There was only one alternative solution, and that was to issue another decree which would allow the Jews to defend themselves and hope for the best. The king issuses the decree and hands it to his messengers who were to ride our to give the word to all the jews in the 127 provinces of the kingdom.

This brings us to our text where the Bible says the messengers were "hastened and pressed on by the king’s commandment." In other words the messengers were not to dilly-dally around with the messenge; they were to get the message our as fast as they could.

Let me give you three reasons why these messengers were "hastened and pressed on."

I. The decree was authoritative

The decree was from the the king. Whenever the king gave a command it was to take precedence over everything else. Nothing was to be given priority over the king’s command. These messengers were to drop everything they were doing and involve themselves immediately the business of the king.

David on one occassion said about the Saul, "the king’s business required haste." This business of getting the gosepl to a lost world is not to be treated lightly. It is not to be treated as a hobby or a lesiure activity. We must not wait for a more convenient season; we must be busy now.


This a work that comes from the decree of the King of kings. Before Jesus ascended back to the father, He gave His marching orders for the church for all coming time (Mark 16;15,16). If the commission had come from any other source it would not be so urgent, but our orders come from the throne of God (none higher than He).

A. the Mandate (Go)

This is not a choice but a command. This is not optional, but an obligation. We are under a Divine constraint.

B. the Message (the gospel)

C. the Must (believe)

If a man does not believe on Jesus Christ, he is damned.

"hastened and pressed on"

II. The deliverance was available

"Hastened and pressed on" because the contents of the message was urgent. These poor Jews had a sentence hanging over theri head, but now provision is made whereby they can be saved. BUT they won’t know it unless someone tells them the good news. If these messengers fail in their mission and do not get the message out to every province then many Jews will be destroyed and the decree of the king will be useless.

The message that you and I have been given is the greatest news in the world. Man is under the condemnation of the law. He is destined for judgment and eternity in hell unless the


message is heard and received. The message is for the whole world to hear. We should be hastened and pressed on till the whole world knows.

Men do not have to go to Hell, deliverance has been provided in the of the Lord Jesus Christ (see I Peter 1:18,18 "Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed.....).

A. With the of Christ, there is redemption - this deals with my purchase

Purchased and set free by the of the Lord Jesus Christ

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