"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: We no longer have to be haunted by hurts


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• If there is one common experience we all share in life it is being hurt. Being hurt seems to be a part of the human experience.

• One of the reasons we experience hurts in our lives is the fact that God created us to be relational. WE are created in part to be in relationships with other people, and such is the case, we open ourselves up to the probability of being hurt.

• Experiencing relationships with other people is essential to being human.

• In truth our identities are molded as we interact with other people.

• This begins at childhood. How one interacts with their parents and siblings will have an impact one’s development because we are least able to defend ourselves when we are young.

• Hurts are hard to forget and those from our childhood are the hardest to forget and the most damaging to our future.

• If I asked each one of you to share hurts from your childhood, I would imaging ALL of us could share at LEAST on instance where we still remember and are possibly still affected by the hut.

• Most have been made fun of, criticized beyond the norm, or were neglected or abused by someone.

• Those hurts early in life go into shaping who we are today even after all these years.

• Parents are not perfect, they can be inattentive, controlling, or even worse.

• Many people have been told early on in life from their parents they would not amount to anything.

• Siblings and children from our childhood can be mean. Cruel names people called you can inflict permanent damage along.

• The person who experiences continual rejection can suffer a loss of their sense of value.

• Even being extremely popular at a young age can distort one’s self-understanding.

• This hits many of the child-stars in Hollywood.

• So suffice to say, all of us can relate to being hurt, and many people have spent a lifetime being haunted by hurts.

• I have good news for you, those hurts that have haunted you for most of your life and be a thing of the past if you will let them be.

• Today we are going to spend time in Psalms 30.

• This Psalm is attributed to David and it seems as though it was used during a dedication of either David’s house, or possibly the ground on which the temple would later be built be Solomon.

• The feelings in the Psalm sprung forth from David’s personal experience. David both experienced hurt as well as dishing it out also.

• David made some serious mistakes in life, however, he knew where he could turn to in order to receive forgiveness and healing.

• Let us begin in Psalm 30:2-3

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Psalm 30:2–3 (HCSB) 2 LORD my God, I cried to You for help, and You healed me. 3 LORD, You brought me up from Sheol; You spared me from among those going down to the Pit.

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I. You need God to heal your hurts.

• David had gone through some difficult situation. Verse 3 speaks of being spared from going down to the pit.

• He is literally praising God that God spared him from death. Verse 3 is synonymous with being delivered from death.

• In the context the dilemma David faced was of his own doing.

• In pride, he had congratulated himself on his self-sufficiency. "I will never be shaken," he had boasted, with no thought of dependency upon God. (Verse 6)

• Whether the situation was physical in nature or emotional, David knew where he could turn for healing.

• David experienced three problems: the sinking mire beneath him that would take him down to the pit, the enemies around him who wanted him to die, and the distress within him that was like a painful sickness—and the Lord delivered him from all three! Bible Exposition Commentary (BE Series) - Old Testament - The Bible Exposition Commentary – Wisdom and Poetry.

• David was in a world of hurt.

• In verse 1 the Psalmist says he was LIFTED. This Hebrew term may be used to denote drawing from a well, or dropping a bucket in the well and pulling it out. This is what the Psalmist needs.

• When you are in the throes of despair because of some hurt in your life, this is what you need, you do not need to be left to drown in the well of despair, and you need to be drawn out of that well.

• Many have been drowning in the well of hurts and despair for years; it is time to allow God to draw you out of that well! You can be drawn out of that well by the divine hand of God.

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