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Summary: This New Year’s sermon ask the question if we have changed spiritually after 9/11/01. It is also a challenge to be different in 2002.

Sunday Morning December 30, 2001 New Year’s Sermon Bel Aire Baptist Church


James 1


[Play video clip “Now What?”]

1. As we begin to look at the end of year 2001 and toward 2002, I must ask the question, “Have We Been Changed?”

2. As I watched the news coverage on September 11th I knew history was being made. That Sunday I said in my sermon that I hoped that people were woke up spiritually by what happened and that we would never be the same. Has anything really changed spiritually?

3. Look with me at what people are saying.

[Play video clip “Word on the Street: Asking God a Question”]

4. Why did this happen? God allowed it to happen to get our attention. With all of the lives lost on that day, it does not compare to the 4000 babies that are killed every day.

Immediate Effects

1. How did people react that day?

[Play video clip “Factoid: Emotions”]


70 % cried

71% were depressed

74% Prayed

77% have become more affectionate to a loved one.

How did you react?

2. Our President quickly addressed what happened. We had special days of prayer. Even in Hobbs, hundreds stood in the street and prayed.

3. It seemed as our nation was pulling together and pulling to God.

Short Term Effects

It has only been 3 months since the tragedy and we still have Military personnel fighting and searching out the terrorist. How has the spiritual state of our nation changed in these 3 months?

Barna Research Group took a survey in July 2001 and then in November 2001. Notice the difference.

July November

1. Consider self to be a Christian 86% 84%

2. Read Bible in the last week other than at church 39% 39%

3. Attended church in the last week other

than for a special event (i.e. Wedding,

funeral). 42% 48%

4. God is the all-knowing, all-powerful Creator. 72% 68%

5. Made a personal commitment to Christ. 68% 68%

Not much has changed. So what are we going to do in this New Year to make a difference?

We do want things to be different right?

You know, being salt and light to a dieing world.

Long Term Effects (Us)

We have to change, but it cannot just be temporary.

Read with me James 1:1-18.

Triumph Over Trials

[Play Video clip “The Ones left Standing”]

We are still here. How have we stood through this trial?

Are we left fearful?

Are we left with a new look upon life?

Time To Change

Read with me James 1:19-27.

We have cried out to God. We have almost forgotten what happened. We have gone back to normal.

As God’s Word says, “It is time to stop telling God what we area going to do. It is time to shut up and listen to God and then do it.”


1. I pray that year 2002 would not be normal. I pray this not just for our nation but more so for us here this morning.

2. I pray that we would turn to God.

3. I pray that the lost would turn to us because we are different and that we would lead them to Jesus.

4. I pray that our church would be filled with people seeking God’s will in their life.

5. I pray that we would be a loving church that stopped talking about one another and start talking about God.

6. Have you been changed?

7. If not, when are you going to surrender all to Jesus and be changed?

[Note: The video clips came from “e-ssentials (“Hope In Uncertain Times” Vol.7). You can get this by calling 1-800-634-2462 or www.essentials.tv.].

{Note: Power Point is available for this sermon.

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