Summary: Is it possible we can rob God of more than our finances? I find at least three areas wherby God is often robbed by His children.

Christians can often rob God of more than just our money.

(A) Men Can Rob God Of Our Worship.

(1) We were created to worship: God and God alone is to be worshipped.

(2) We owe God all our praise and our reverence.

(3) When we withold these or give these to another we are robbing God.

(Ill.) Many are giving their love and devotion to sports stars, musicians, and to the accumulating of money.

(B) Men Rob God Of Our Time

(1) The Book of Daniel says, God holds our breath in His hands. So our time is in His hands

(2) Often our time is not used for God properly.

(a) "Remember the Sabbath" Give God your time on the Sabbath.

(b) Do not neglect the time of your youth.

(Ill.) It is said that when Queen Elizabeth of England was dying she exclaimed, "All my possessions for a moment of time!" Time cannot be bribed even by a monarch.

(3)Men Rob God Of Their Talents

(1) All gifts come from God, and should be devoted to God.

(2) It is sinful to give our talents to another, by doing so we rob God.

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