Summary: Speaks of the unforgivable sin...Blasphemy..

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Matthew 12:22 – 32

All sin is serious

And to some degree it attacks or challenges

God ; and not to mention the

Authority of God Himself!!!

There are six sins that identify sins

Against The Holy Spirit!!

Since the Holy Spirit is a person

He can be sinned against!!

But since He is also a part of God,

It gets very serious to be guilty of

Sinning against the Holy Ghost!!!

These six sins are blaspheming!

Luke 12:10 says:

And whosoever shall speak a word

against the Son of Man, it shall be

forgiven him: but unto him that

blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost

it shall not be forgiven!!

#2- Lying or Tempting

Acts chapter 5: 8 - 9 says:

And Peter answered unto her, Tell me

Whether ye sold the land for so much?

And she said Yea, for so much

Then Peter said unto her, How is it

that ye have agreed together to tempt

the Spirit of the Lord?

Behold the feet of them which have

Buried thy husband are at the door

And shall carry thee out!!

#3 Despising

Heb 10:29 says:

Of how much sorer punishment, suppose

Ye shall he be thought worthy, who

Hath trodden under foot the Son of God

And hath counted the blood of the

Covenant, wherewith he was sanctified

An un-holy thing and hath done

Despite unto the Spirit of Grace?

#4 Resisting or Striving with

Gen 6:3 says:

And the Lord said, My spirit shall not

Always strive with man

For that he also is flesh: yet his

Days shall be a hundred and twenty years!

Acts 7:51 says:

Ye stiff-necked and uncircumcised

In heart and ears

Ye do always resist the Holy Ghost:

As your fathers did, so do ye!!!

#5 Vexing or Grieving

Isaiah 63:10 says:

But they rebelled and vexed his

Holy Spirit: therefore he was turned

To be their enemy,

And he fought against them!!

Ephesians 4:30 says:

And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God

Whereby ye are sealed unto the day

Of redemption!!

And #6 quenching the Holy Spirit

1st Thess 5;19 says:

Quench not the Spirit

See Church we as Christians can hender

the Holy Spirit and His workings when

He’s leading us to rejoice!!!

The Holy Ghost brings us the offer of

Salvation right to our hearts door!! Amen

So what is Blasphemy against

The Holy Spirit??



It’s a question that people ask on a regular


And I think what they’re asking is

Can a person really sin so bad that

God won’t forgive them?

Can a man become such a liar, thief

Murderer, drunkard or pervert that

He is beyond the grace of God!

The Apostle Paul said that He was the

Chief Sinner, And so was I!!!!

But He murdered Christians

And He went from murdering Them

To preaching to them!!!

And then He wrote over half of

The New Testament!!

So many people are tormented by the thought

That they maybe have committed this sin

Against the Holy Ghost!!!!

Maybe some of you here tonight may

think that you’ve

Committed a sin so bad that you can’t

Receive forgiveness for it!!!

Throughout the entire New Testament

There’s several places where it speaks

Of this un-forgivable sin!!!

Even though many of us have struggled

With these words of Jesus tonight in our

Reading, if we’ll just ask - the Holy Spirit

Will provide us with all the wisdom and

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