Summary: This is a seeker sermon for Christmas time entittled "Have you got room for Jesus?"

Luke.2: 1-7.

"Have you got room for Jesus this Christmas?"

Millions of people upon this planet this Christmas will celebrate with big celebration’s, but they will completly miss the point of the celebrations.

Could you imagine returning home to find your house decortated top to bottom with lights and party decorations and when you get to the door you recognise that they are actually celebrating your birthday but there is one problem your not invited. As you knock on the door people inside completly blank you and in fact begin to tell you to go away, well its nonsense really is’nt it. But each Christmas people will celebrate it without the one its all about Jesus!The whole celebration void of the one it’s all about Jesus. Have you got room for Jesus? Not 1 day a year but 365 days a year.

Lets look at some facts about Jesus....

1. He Impacted world history.

Why is he so far removed from history?

Many people think that Jesus sits alongside mythological stories like that of the Greek gods and even doubt the authenticity of Jesus Christ.

But his life is more axiomatic than the life of Julius Caesar.

To many He appears so far removed 20 centuries on. Yet the historical manuscripts are overwhelming over 26,000 manuscripts of the NT alone. Which coincides with secular documents also.

Luke 2:1-3. Historical setting

Luke mentions the Roman Caesar Augustus who brought in a census of the whole Roman Empire at that time. It was the period of the Pax Romana a peace, which would last for 30 years. This was the secular historical setting and can be confirmed through secular history.

Luke is meticulous he wants to give us the big worldview he is like a detective who gathers the information and evidence to bring forth the truth in its correct historical setting.

Jesus Christ impacted world history, all contenders pale into insignificance against the impact of Jesus Christ.

Take any coin out of your pocket and consider our dating system which is inscribed upon it. This coin has the year 2000 AD upon it. This mere child born in the back of beyond has divided world History BC/AD.

Why has Jesus made such an impact upon this world?

The Wright brothers story: Big News In Dec 1903 the Wright brothers telegram their sister it read we flew 120 feet today. We will be home for Christmas. Katherine took the telegram to the editor of the local newspaper who said that’s good they will be home for Christmas. He totally missed the big news, that they had flown for the first time. Are we in danger of totally missing that God became human!

2. His birthplace and line foretold.

Here we have in Luke the secular historical reason why Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem and Jesus was born in Bethlehem v3 because of the historical census under Augustus census. They needed to register they were both from the line of David. They actually lived in Nazareth

We also have the Prophetically reason.

Could you imagine someone explaining your future.

But there was a far bigger reason behind it all a God given reason.

2Sam7:12 David’s line. 1000BC. He is a King

Micah 5:2 Birth place 700BC. He is from eternity thus King of kings

His Unique birth foretold

The birth of a child is a wonderful thing and each one is unique.

And medical science has advanced with Fertilization treatments etc But this birth is something far beyond any earthly birth its supernatural.

Luke1:30 -35.

The Angel Gabriel announced to Mary this amazing conception.

Matt.1:18-19. Joseph did not want to expose her to public disgrace

Isaiah. 7:14. Foretold by Isaiah 800BC.

Here we see the promise of a virgin and the unique identity of Jesus known as Emmanuel “God with us”

But why was he born in this unique way?

Matt1:21 His name Jesus means (The Lord saves) He would become a Saviour to Humanity to die for the sins of His people.

His birth brought God to man, His death brought man to God

3. His rejected life v7 no room at the Inn

I once heard about two women in a lift in London complaining about Christmas who ever came up with Christmas needs to be hung drawn quartered, there was another chap in the lift he said "He was!”

Rejection has to be one of the hardest pills to swallow in life it can happen at any time at birth abandoned, as a child sent away, in a marriage with divorce or even at old age being left in the old peoples home with not even a visit.

I am sure you have heard of the life of Lindsay Crosby who was totally unloved by his father. Christmas was a difficult time for Lindsey because each Christmas he would see his father performing in White Christmas, he ended his life by suicide at Christmas.

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