Summary: How can we recover when we have failed God miserably? We trace the path of Peter's failure through his restoration.

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Surving Life's Failures

Selected Passages



From failing at show business to failing at sports or politics, it was amazing to see some of those names on the screen, don’t you think?...Think how different society would be today if Abraham Lincoln had decided to quit, if Thomas Edison had gone into “a different line of work” or if Walt Disney had packed it in.

The people mentioned in the video clip certainly had their impact upon our world, but I suggest that their influence pales in comparison with the influence of the Apostle Peter, another individual who could have been highlighted in that video, for Peter’s life was marked by failure as well…But far more serious than failing acting or basketball, Peter failed God…But out of his life are some great lessons that should encourage us in SURVIVING FAILURE…And specifically, we’re going to talk about how we should respond at those times when we fail God.

We're going to explore this subject by looking at some events in the life of the Apostle Peter.

Peter: brash, bold, impulsive, speaks before he thinks…But he was committed to Jesus.

From Jesus' first words to Peter: "Come ye after me" to the last conversation recorded by John in which the Lord tells Peter to "Follow me", Peter followed the Lord…He stumbled/faltered...but he continued to follow…Like many of us.

Let's start this morning in the 16th chapter of Matthew and note, first of all, PETER'S REGENERATION.


REGENERATION = rebirth, born again.

• Acknowledge you're a sinner.

• Sin separates you from God.

• Jesus is the bridge between us and God.

The exact moment of Peter's conversion is not recorded; but there is evidence of his salvation:

A. He Acknowledges Jesus As Christ

MATTHEW 16:13-16

Peter speaks up.

Jesus is the Christ--long awaited, long-promised Messiah; fulfillment of OT prophecy.

JOHN 6:67-71

B. He Acknowledges Jesus As Lord

JOHN 13:1-10

Passover supper completed...disciples oblivious to what is going to take place over the next several hours and over the next few days...Judas' plan of betrayal in place... Jesus takes towel, fills bowl with water and begins washing disciples' feet like a household servant; Peter speaks up: JOHN 13:6-10

Some are critical of Peter.

• He still does not understand Jesus' ministry.

• But the thought of not being a part of Christ is so abhorrent to Peter, that he responds this way.

Have you experienced regeneration?...Is there evidence of your salvation?...Have you committed your life to Christ?


We either move forward (progress) in our relationship with Christ, or we move backward (regress; backslide)

MARK 14:27-31 records a period of regression in Peter's life:

MARK 14:27-31

• Jesus: All of you will fall away…You’ll all abandon me tonight.

• Peter’s reply: “Not me…You’re mistaken, Jesus!”

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