Summary: Sometimes in life things become lost, But our God will resore




Have you ever had a time in your life when you suffered drastic income loss? In 1995 I had a dream job, I had an office that was 30 foot by 40 foot with my own private bath, no boss on 2nd and 3rd shift and the pay was great, not bad for a blue-collar worker. We based our lifestyle on my wages, and everything was great. Then the hammer fell, the company sold out, the new company decided they would not keep my department, so my job was gone. The new company offered me a job in the labor gang, this new job’s wages was ½ of what I was making. The work was pick and shovel, I finally advanced up the ranks to heavy equipment / dump truck driver, I received skills in that position that I would use later in life, I counted it as a blessing even though the wage were on the low side. Through all this change I could feel God’s Blessings all around me. An opening came in the maintenance department, I went in as an apprentice , It was supposed to take four years to top out as a journeyman millwright, which payed a lot more money than I was making in the office job, But four years at a lower salary can be devastating on your budget, BUT GOD had an unique way of blessing me, After six months as an apprentice made a way for me to take a test, and whatever level I tested on would be my job rate. By a miracle, from the Lord, I tested out as Journeyman Millwright, With top wages. Sometimes when we seem to lose things, God Is looking for you to Praise him in the disaster, if we stop looking at the loss, God’s favor is just around the corner. We must keep the faith in our Awesome GOD.


TEXT: JOEL 2:25-27

The LORD Will Rescue His People

25 I, the LORD your God,

will make up for the losses

caused by those swarms

and swarms of locusts[f]

I sent to attack you.

26 My people, you will eat

until you are satisfied.

Then you will praise me

for the wonderful things

I have done.

Never again will you

be put to shame.

27 Israel, you will know

that I stand at your side.

I am the LORD your God—

there are no other gods.

Never again will you

be put to shame.

1. Prodigal Son

1.) Had everything he wanted

2.) A family that loved Him

3.) Wealth

4.) But was not satisfied

5.) Wanted his inheritance now

6.) Let home

7.) Lost Everything

8.) Repented

9.) Came home

2. Nebuchadnezzar

1.) Powerful king

2.) Had everything

3.) Failed to give God praise

4.) Lost everything

5.) Like an animal in the field

6.) Finger and tor nails grew like talons

7.) Came to his senses

8.) Was restored

3. Lost Coin

1.) Lost her Treasure

2.) Searched everywhere

3.) Found her coin

4.) Rejoiced

4. Lost Sheep

When the sheep strayed, the shepherd left the 99 and searched for the lost one.

I was that lost sheep, I got saved at an early age, and loved the lord with all my heart. Everything was great in my life, I married the girl of my dreams, then my world fell apart. In 1968, I got a letter from Uncle Sam, saying “Greetings your presence is required U.S. Army” I was drafted and had to leave my wife. A short time later I was stationed at Fort Campbell. My wife and I had a Child, I was on happy street, then orders to go to Vietnam came, I was Devastated. I felt like I had lost everything, leaving my wife and child behind, I also left God behind. I was bitter and mad at God even though He spared my life many times. After my tour in Vietnam, my family was reunited I was still angry with God. I was that lost Sheep Who Had Strayed.

Then He left the 99 and come searching for me. THANK GOD HE FOUND ME.

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