Summary: It is high time that we as Christians lose our minds . We are challenged in this letter of thankfulness to the Philippians to take on the transformational thinking, and attitude of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Intro: I’m always gripped by stories of people who have managed to develop a different mental attitude than that commonly held by those around them:

The poor man who refuses to think poor

The sick woman who focuses on what she can do rather than her handicap

Such people display the kind of attitude suggested by the old story of the boy who was given a roomful of manure and decided that there must be a gift of a pony nearby.

The boys attitude was clearly determined by the way her responded to his circumstances.

I. Attitude is determined by decision.

Webster’s dictionary defines attitude as a mental position.

Attitude doesn’t happen by accident. Attitude is a position that is determined by decision. You don’t get to a destination by accident you choose where you want to be.

Jesus chose his attitude. He chose to humbly follow God the fathers will and come to earth for the redemption of man.

“Have this attitude in you which was also in Christ.”

We are challenged to have this same attitude, the same mind as Christ. What is not said but clearly understood is that it is a choice.

Romans 12.2 “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing (the changing) of your mind.)

We can actually choose the way we respond to the world around us. There are excuses everywhere oh it must be their environment. They just don’t know any better. So many people say if only. If only I had money, if only I had a break, if only I hadn’t grown up in so and so, if only.

It is not circumstances that determine what attitude you have it is your decision. We can face each day with gratitude or greed, with joy or discontent. We can relate to people in hatred or love, in humility or pride. What choice will you make.

Jesus faced hatred with forgiveness on the cross. He faced apathy with anger, pain with compassion, loss with mercy.

He chose to face what was ahead with a genuine humble servants heart. We are called if not commanded or challenged to have that same mind.

Well why on earth should we face life that way?

II. Attitude demonstrates deity

Jesus came to show us God the father. How did he do it? Did he act the big man? Marching around telling everyone look how great I am. Look at what I can do. No he simply served people out of his attitude of love, grace, and mercy.

When we lose our minds and take on the mind of Christ we demonstrate God. Why it was Jesus attitude that led to his action.

Think about this. Jesus taught that attitude will lead to your actions. In Matthew 5.21 He taught that those that commit murder are going to stand trial. However He said that if you even have the attitude of hatred you are guilty of murder.

Our attitude will lead to action. And both are clear indications of what is inside us. Jesus also said in Matthew 12.33-37 that from the abundance of the mouth the heart speaks. Words reveal what our real attitudes are.

What does you mental position reveal today. What does your attitude reveal? As Christians we are called to be mirrors of the Light of God.

A) Jesus had a servant attitude

He thought of others first.

B) Jesus had a humble attitude

Dr Adrian Rogers defines humble

Humility is not thinking badly of yourself. Humility is not thinking of yourself, it is thinking of God. As you think of God and dwell on His goodness it draws you attention to others in need of His grace and goodness.

Our attitude is a great opportunity for us to reveal Jesus to others.

III. Attitude is the appeal of Ambassadors

2 Corinthians 5.20

“Therefore we are ambassadors for Christ”

Jesus said, ‘by this will all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Love is the zenith of a Christ-like attitude. I define love as looking out for the best interest of others.

It is an attitude. You must make a decision to try to do the best for others first.

As ambassadors we represent Christ to the World. We cannot represent him if our attitudes are nothing short of sour, stinky, and shallow.

If you are willing to let something or someone determine your attitude, then you are willing to let them control you.

As ambassadors the best way we can represent Christ to this world is to lose our minds and take on the attitude of Jesus. We have no excuses because whether we believe it or not we are His representatives.

Conclusion: Have you lost your mind yet? Paul challenged us to have this same mind, or attitude that Jesus did? His attitude was humble, servant, obedient.

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