Summary: A story which seeks to challenge the believers to be prepared for huge temtations as they are being prepared for greater work in the Lord's Service

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Have you met your Lion, Bear and uncircumcised Philistines?

This morning, I want to share with you a truth which, you may or may not have considered. This truth is that God has a special assignment for you and he has a purpose for your life. Oh that word Purpose; I heard that word somewhere before. Yes, Myles Munroe talks about purpose; also there is a book out there called the purpose driven life. Now Bishop comes talking about purpose. Well let’s get one thing straight; when I talk about purpose, I am talking about destiny: Your Destiny! Baker’s definition of destiny is broken down as follows: somebody's preordained future: the apparently predetermined and inevitable series of events that happen to somebody or something inner realizable purpose of life: the inner purpose of a life that can be discovered and realized; something that predetermines events: a force or agency that predetermines what will happen. Today, we all have a predetermined purpose, an end, a destiny, which we must fulfill. However, in accomplishing, or fulfilling our purpose our destiny, or our end, we must go through a process. I imagine you now are saying, there Bishop goes, talking about process. He must be reading a book, or he may have been listening to some tapes and now he comes with this process thing. Let me remind you this morning, that God the dictionary gives the same meaning for process, no matter who uses the word, the circumstances under which they are used or the topic which it is used to support. Today this word process comes to help me to answer the Question: Have you met your Lion, Bear and your uncircumcised Philistines? Process: yes the dictionary tells us process is a series of actions: a series of actions directed toward a specific aim series of natural occurrences: a series of natural occurrences that produce change or development. In other words, when God sets a purpose for any life, He also puts in place a series of steps that one must go through in order to qualify to assume that position. This suggests that we don’t just reach the mountain top without climbing it. We just don’t get to the palace without Pits and without Prisons. We don’t get to the Throne without setbacks; without fights; without being left out in a wilderness. All of the great Bible Characters, whom God placed in the Bible, they had some things in Common: one of these was they all had major setbacks; major disappointments; but also, they all had God’s abounding favour, his grace, his presence and his provision. Joseph for example, he had betrayal by his own Brothers; He had a Pitiful experience. In other words he was surrounded by a pit or he was fully in a Pit; He also had the experience of being all alone in a strange land; Joseph had the experience of being thrown in prison for being honest and sincere to his master. The normal thing is that we are thrown in jail for what we do wrong: but when God is taking us through a process, he uses the reverse to get us prepared for our final destiny. This morning we are not here to reflect on Joseph, but he occupies such position of imminence in the scripture, that we hardly can preach without making reference to him. And I submit this morning that God will have it no other way.

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