Summary: We need to have a definite encounter with Jesus to be able to live a life pleasing unto God, and to be a blessing to other people around us.

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Topic: Have You Seen Jesus?

Bible Text: Luke 2: 22 - 38

Lesson Aim: Members will

• Understand what it means to have seen Jesus.

• Identify the requirements or prerequiste of seing Jesus.

• Learn of Biblical examples of Men and Women who saw Jesus.


This topic today is set at asking every one a question. It is a provocative question and not an offensive or controversial question, whose goal is to provoke in every one that claims to know Jesus, a sincere examination and evaluation of the depth of our knowledge of Christ, and the extent of our submissiveness to His will. It is possible to be with someone, to live in relationship with someone and perhaps never really know them. In the life of every Christian there comes a point where following Jesus is no longer enough. It is possible to live in relationship with Jesus and to know him at one level and yet never really see him for who he is and what he means to us personally or to the world more broadly.

A. What does it Mean to Have Seen Jesus:

1. To have a personal encounter with Jesus that will create a longing for Him always.John 6:66-69.

2. To experience the genuine salvation in Christ that will produce a newness of life. 2 Cor 5: 15-17.

3. To understand fully the love of Christ and to be able to show same to others. 1 John 4: 7-8.

4. To be determined to live for Him alone in whatever situations or condition one may find himself or herself. Luke 2: 25, 36-37.

B. What are the Pre-requisites of Seeing Jesus:

By making use of the lives of Simeon and Anna in our text as case studies, we can identify the following conditions:

1. Determination to know and to do the will of God at all times

2. A life of righteousness both inwardly and outwardly.

3. A life given to fasting and prayer,with much faith in the word of God.

4. A life consistent and steadfast in the promises of God.

C. Biblical Examples of Men and Women Who saw Jesus:

- Can you identify certain men and women in the Bible apart from Simeon and Anna, that we can describe as people that saw Jesus.

- Give reasons why you feel such people are appropriate example.

- Our greatest blessing is to see Jesus face to face, to be readywhen He comes, and to live forever in His presence. Revelation 22: 4-5.


When we have truly seen Jesus, although we may still struggle and doubt we will follow him anywhere, even to the cross. May we never be afraid to place ourselves in the vulnerable place of knowing Jesus; of living and loving him, of serving and sacrificing for him. He has himself lived the example for us to follow in order that we might see him for who he really is.

Memory Verse:

Luke 2: 30-32.

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