Summary: The best rose bush is not the one with the fewest thorns, but that which bears the finest roses. That best describes the Life of Jesus. Let’s examine it together!


We are now a week away. In just a few more days Jesus will be hanging on a Cross. Right now, about this time of the week prior to His crucifixion, He’s in a small village about 2 miles east of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile the rumor has already started in the city. Jesus was on the lips and minds of everyone. Word of His miracles spread like a brush fire.

The multitudes in Jerusalem were with great intensity looking for His coming. The question was, "When do you think He’ll arrive." My answer "Always right on time!"

Following His last fellowship He’d have with family and friends, Jesus now looks toward the Cross.

This is Palm Sunday. The players involved make up a variety of society. We do well by meeting each one.

Main Division

I. The Servants (29-38)

II. The Sceptical (39-40)

III. The Savior (41)

Conclusion: He Is The Prince Of Peace!

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