Summary: The comparison of Adam’s love for Eve and Christ’s love for us.




Romans 5:14

Genesis 2:15-25, I Timothy 2:13,14, Ephesians 5:25


Our theme today is LOVE. Love is one of the most powerful

forces in the world. My goal is to help us have a new

appreciation of the LOVE Adam had for Eve and the Sacrificial LOVE

Jesus has for us.

The Bible says "Adam was not deceived, but the woman being dececived,

FELL into transgression" I Tim. 2:14 and "Adam who is a type of Him (Jesus)

Who was to come...." Romans 5:14 NKJV

I am using the words to the gospel song "HE FELL IN LOVE" to hang

our thoughts on and as an outline today. (Sung by the Inspirations Quartet

from Bryson City, N.C.) Note the dual meanings and applications and the

play on words.


Together they walked in the garden alone

Adam and his lovely wife,

Satan came seeking their souls to devour,

Temptation robbed Eve of her life.

He saw she was fallen and could not return,

He prays to the Father above,

Though he was not tempted to sin as she was

Adam fell heart first in love.

He fell in love with Eve,

He took her depravity,

Love moved him to pay the price,

Love drove him from paradise.

He loved her enough to die,

True love was the reason why,

Though falling would cost his blood


Together they lived in eternity past,

They needed nothing from me.

Sin held me bound needing One to come down,

To suffer and set my soul free.

The Savior left Heaven to take up His cross

Sin’s poison became His cup,

Though He knew to drink it would mean He must die

Jesus fell for me in love.

He fell in love with me,

He took my depravity.

Love moved Him to pay the price,

Love drove Him from paradise.

He loved me enough to die,

True love was the reason why

Though falling would cost His blood


I. ADAM - HE FELL IN LOVE Genesis2:15-25

"Together they walked in the garden alone Adam and his lovely wife"

Gen. 2:15-25 (comment as you go)

Vs.15 Garden of Eden He had a perfect environment, paradise; it was heaven on earth.

But something was missing!

Vs.15 Tend and dress it He had a great job, it was rewarding and fulfilling (and there were no

thorns yet). But, something was missing!

Vss.16-17 He had plenty - Had Freedom - Had Fellowship with God Adam was innocent and

he had only 1 restriction or law, not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But,

something was missing!

Vss19-20A He had INTELLIGENCE He had proper self-esteem. He was not a dumb cave-

man. He named every creature. (Can the evolutionist?) But, something was missing!

Then, Adam no doubt thought,"Something is a matter with this picture - all of God’s creatures

have a mate but me."

Vs 2:20B But for Adam there ws not found a helper comparable to him.

Vs. 2:18 For the first time God says something was not good - that is for man to be alone.

Vs. 2:21-22 Eve Formed From a Rib

She was not formed from his foot (to walk on her), or from his head (to rule over him),

but from his rib, his side, equal but different, from his side next to his heart to love and


Vs2:22 GOD "MADE" Literally "Built"

Vs. 2:23 Adam said, "WO - MAN" she’s built" and Adam fell heart-first in love!

Now, nothing was missing!

Vs.2:23 SHE = God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Vs.2:24 WIFE = Singular, not wives. Ideally, one man one wife for life.

Vs.2:24 Leave & Cleave = Very important for all concerned. We start marriage alone -

parents die - children leave - and we "Walk together alone again."

Oh! How Adam and Eve loved one another!

But, things didn’t stay Perfect in Paradise for long.

"Satan came seeking their souls to devour,

Temptation robbed Eve of their life."

Genesis 3:1-6 note vs 6 "She took of it’s fruit and ate."

I Peter 5:8 "Be sober, be vigilent because your adversary the devil walks about like a

roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."

Eve exercised her Freedom from Adam’s Protection.

Temptation of itself is not a sin, but to yeild is a sin.

Vs. 3:13 Eve was deceived and confesses it to God (beguiled). 2 Cor. 11:3 warns of

being deceived like Eve was by the serpents craftiness of the simplicity in Christ.

The moment she "ate" she died spiritually and later died physically.

*But, remember, eating the fruit was the result of unbelief. John 3:18 "He who blieves in

HIM is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he

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