Summary: Poor knowledge of the finished work of Christ on the cross can keep us bereave us of the benefits of our faith in living God.

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He has done for us

Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father - Gal.1:4

It's rather unfortunate that today's church lives in a perpetual state of blindness in spite of having the truth clearly revealed to us in all languages and in all simplicity. At times it looks like we do it as more of choice then anything else.

In the above verse apostle Paul states it clearly the reason why Jesus gave Himself for us. He says it is to "deliver us from this present evil world". If we ponder on the root words of this verse, we will realise the depth of its meaning.

1. Deliver

The root word for deliver is Exaireo, means to pluck out or draw out or root out. Imagine for a moment, that He gave Himself for us because He wanted to pluck us out of this evil age with all its turmoils. We live as people who are still bound, we defeat the very purpose of His giving Himself. Also, we miss the huge advantage of the finished work on the cross. By doing so, we continue to be deceived and disarmed to take our victory over Satan. This leads us to a state that's found in the root word of the next key word.

2. Evil

Again the root word for evil used here is Poneros. Which means, full of labours, annoyances, hardships.

As a result of not understanding the full depth of Jesus's giving Himself, we suffer hard labour, go through annoying circumstances and hardships of all kinds. This makes us to either loose faith in God or turns Christianity into a mere religion. Both are very dangerous. This in turn leads to yet another root word which help us understand our state better.

3. Will

The root word here is thelema which means of the purpose of God to bless mankind through Christ. That is to say missing out on the will of God or what God intends to do concerning us. When we miss our mark here, we are no better than those who believed not in His Son for salvation.

The root word for (evil) world mentioned here is an unbroken age. If we are not broken in the Word, we will be broken in the world. If we grasp the Word and then fight our good fight standing in the Word, we will overcome the world.

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