Summary: Jesus alone can meet all of our deepest needs. He far exceeds any priest or pastor who have ever sought to lead people to the Lord and He lives to intercede for His people.

He Is Able!

Hebrews 7:20-28

Everyone is looking for an angle. People from all walks of life are looking for someone or some way to help them get ahead, to find the calm waters of life, and to give them an anchor for their restless souls. Who can open a door of opportunity for me? Who can provide the security for me that I long for in life? Who can bring me peace so that I am not anxious and restless through the night? Who can help me when my problem becomes too big for me to handle? All of us have asked these questions from time to time and we will ask them again in the future.

A few years ago the computer industry exploded and every new company that had “.com” at the end of their corporate name began to make millions of dollars overnight. Investors started flocking to pour their money into these startups so that they could jump on the money train. Ordinary folks like me who are just trying to make ends meet and don’t have money to invest in these kinds of things, took money out of savings, some took out loans, just so that they could have their chance to get rich quick. Some did get rich and some that did get rich have gotten poor in the past year or so. Some of those who were wealthy before the “.com” explosion thought they could get even more wealthy by jumping on the bandwagon. For what reason? “If I can make a little more money then I can be a little more secure – that’s why.” Many believe that money can erect a shelter of safety for them, but money doesn’t create a shelter of safety – it creates an illusion.

Joannie went to college to get her education and while she was there she met a young man who swept her off her feet. He was young, handsome, and had a personality that lit up the room when he walked into it. Joannie had grown up in a tough family and there was nothing that she wanted more than a family.

While Joannie was growing up her father was in and out of the house every time he and her mother had an argument. He was a successful man in his community, but he was a washout at home. To make matters even worse, Joannie’s mom picked the poor man apart for every little thing about his life that she felt needed improvement.

Because of his job, he and his wife attended several social functions every year. He loved seeing his friends, but he hated being subjected to the abuse he received from his wife in front of his buddies and their wives. After every party he would tell her how embarrassed he was to have to sit and listen to her belittle him in front of their friends, but at the next party the criticism would begin all over again.

The day finally came when Joannie’s dad had enough and left for good. At first, Joannie’s mom, Diana, thought to herself, “We’ll all be better off without him here any way. There won’t be any more fighting in front of the kids, no more of his messes to clean up, and me and the kids can live our life in peace.” As time rocked along Diana began to reconsider some of the things she had done and said to her husband, Tony. There were even times that she wished he was back, but she knew that the hurt was too deep, the gulf too wide – it would never happen.

Joannie remembered life growing up without dad around and she pledged to herself that once she was married she would never divorce. When she and Larry began to date in college she was taken by his good looks and great personality, but as time went by she was also disturbed by some of his actions. They hardly ever had a disagreement, but when they did Larry would totally change and become so full of hate. His face would grow flush and his eyes would bug out. Joannie was even scared at times. When they would go to parties Larry wouldn’t just have a drink with the other guys, she would end up having to drive him home and put him to bed. But he was so good looking…he was interested in her…when he wasn’t mad or drinking he was so nice and loving…he loved her.

Joannie’s desire to have a family, a man to take care of her, and kids to love blinded her to red flags that waved in her head. After they were married Joannie started a family and she felt like Cinderella slipping on the glass slipper. After the birth of their second child, Joannie began to see the red flags grow even redder. Larry began to have outburst over things that happened at work. The least little thing would set him off and then one day he hit her. Joannie told Larry that if he ever hit her again she would leave with the children and never come back.

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