Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: One of a series of sermons on knowing God, this message focuses on the promise of God’s presence.

Title: He is Here

Text: Exodus 3:1-14

It has been said that man’s greatest fear is rejection, and that woman’s greatest fear is abandonment.” We don’t want to be alone! Ironically, though, sometimes the presence of another can be almost as frightening. Moses met God on the backside of Mt. Horeb and was terrified.

The Lord is here waiting for us to respond to His presence. If we truly understand this will we pull back in terror? Will we move forward in faith? And what does it mean to say that God here? Our text reveals several facets of meaning to the presence of God available to the heart of faith.

I. He is here as the Eternal God.

A. When Moses asked the name of God, the Lord replied — “I Am.”

1. How frustrated would you be if you asked me my name and I responded, “I Am.”

2. From a human perspective, it makes no sense.

3. From the divine side it is rich in meaning.

B. The eternality of God grants an expectation of hope for all who trust Him.

C. Let us praise the God who eternally is the great “I Am.”

II. He is here as the God of Grace.

A. God chose a man of questionable character to rescue a hurting people.

1. Murdered Egyptian.

2. Hiding in the wilderness in fear.

Illustration: Imagine a group of children about to pick sides for a game of kickball. We know the drill don’t we. The best two players are selected as “captains,” and they in turn will be the best players they can for their teams. But just suppose, the two who are always picked last are given the chance to be captains. Suppose the game unfolds as an exercise in having fun — not just winning the game. Suppose the teams are delighted in having captains who can’t kick or field well, but love to play — and that love becomes infectious. Never will happen, will it. In the world of team sports, even at a playground level, we want those who can perform. Guess what? God loves to pick the ones picked last.

B. That God uses people is a sure sign of a grace that is truly amazing.

C. Let us yield to the grace of God that can truly change the human heart

III. He is here as the God who walks with us.

A. When Moses was overwhelmed with anxiety about his call, God gave him the greatest encouragement — His own presence.

If I’m lost in one of the great wildernesses of America, I don’t want Donald Trump to be my guide — give me Survivorman! Give me Grizzly Adams! Give me someone who can get me home. In the jungle of life, I know only one unfailing guide.

B. The journey of life does not have to be taken alone.

C. Let us face with confidence the future ahead with the knowledge that God is with his people.

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