Summary: an exposition on Matt ch 27


Matthew 27 v. 62 - ch 28 v. 20

we see here:-

1. The Priority of His Resurrection i.e. if Christ is not risen:-

(a) His Divinity is Disproved -He is a fraud in His person, his position, his practice, and his pronouncements

(b) His Death is Dismissed - He is a martyr, but nothing more: - so :-

(1) Our preaching is false

(2) Our prayers are futile

(3) Our pardon is a fraud, and

(4) Our peace is a forgery

(c) His Dominion is Dissolved i.e.He is no longer Lord over sin, over sinners, or over salvation

(d) His Deliverance is Disqualified i.e. :- He cannot deliver from :-

(1) Death - no resurrection to eternal life

(2) The Devil - satan oversees the throne, overthrows the church, and overcomes the power of God

(3) Man’s Depravity - the skeptic is ratified, the sinner is justified (for sin), and the satanist is glorified

(e) His Declarations are Distrusted i.e. His Authority, Authenticity, Accuracy, and Application of the word of God is suspect

(f) His Dialogue is Destroyed i.e. if he is dead - There can be :-

(1) No Acceptance of the Saviour

(2) No Access to the Saviour, or

(3) No Acquaintance with the Saviour - if He is not risen

2. The Prediction of His Resurrection

(1) God predicted it - Genesis 3 v. 15 "the seed of the woman shall bruise thy head"

(2) David predicted it Psalm 16 v. 10 "for thou wilt not leave my soul in hell" and

(3) Christ himself predicted it - John 2 v. 19 he said "destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up"

3. The Precaution of His Resurrection ch 27 v. 62 - 66 the guards "made the sepulchre sure"

(a) The Rigours of it v. 66 - the Tomb was secured, sealed, and safeguarded

(b) The Reasons for it v. 64 "lest the last error should be worse than the first" - Here were confessions of fear, folly, and failure

(c) The Results of it - defeat because Jesus arose anyway and the guards were the greatest witnesses to it

4. The Precision of His Resurrection Matthew 28 v. 1 it was perfect :-

(a) In its Timing - "the first day of the week"

(b) In its Telling v. 2 - the Angel moved the stone, not to let the Lord out but to let the world in v. 6 "come, see the place"

(c) In its Teaching v. 7 into Galilee - "there shall ye see Him" v. 16 & 17 and they saw Him there

5. The Problem of His Resurrection (for the Jews) it was successful despite the :-

(a) Placing of the guards ch 27v. 66 - the tomb was watched

(b) Power of the guards v4. "they became as dead men"

(c) Pronouncement of the guards v. 11 "all the things"

(d) Perjury of the guards. Buying their silence was necessary, and it was newsworthy

v. 15

6. The Proof of His Resurrection Christ appeared to the :- women v. 9,- the eleven disciples v. 16 & 17 -and to above 500 at once 1 Corinthians 15 v. 6

7. The Purpose of His Resurrection His Resurrection was needed :-

(a) To fulfil his prophesy Acts 13 v. 32 The promise made to the fathers was fulfilled

(b) To prove his Sonship Romans 1 v. 4 "declared to be the son of God with power."

(c) To pledge our resurrection 1 Corinthians 15 v. 20 "he became the first fruits of them that slept"

(d) To perfect our faith 1 Corinthians 15 v. 13 - 19 and

(e) To produce hope 1 Peter 1 v. 3 & 4 "a lively hope by the resurrection"

8. The Power of His Resurrection v. 18 "all power is given unto me" ie.

(a) Power over nature - creating and controlling

(b) over Sin - forgiving and cleansing

(c) over Sickness - healing and helping

(d) over Satan - defeating and delivering

(e) over Physical needs - feeding and leading, and

(f) over Death - conquering and capturing it

9. The Proclamation of His Resurrection v. 19 & 20 It was to be proclaimed :-

(a) To the Church v. 5 - 7 "fear not ye", v. 6 "come and see", v. 7 "go and tell", and

(b) By the Church "go ye therefore" and tell :- He is risen to save so be entreated, to intercede so be encouraged, and to judge so be enlightened.

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