Summary: Jesus is our God in all situations. He can carry us through everything.

“Our God” Ps 115

1. Characteristics of True God v.1-3

He is the God of Heavens. The creator of everything, he created the high above, deep down, all trees, animals, all human beings. He does whatever he wants to do. He is the God of love and faithfulness, brings glory to His name.

Where is YHWH? The Priest Mathathiah became very strong believer during the reign of Antioch Epiphon. This king walked over and trampled the Altar of YHWH and forced the High priest to offered the sacrifices. He had five sons, one was Maccabeus (Heb: rk;kl;b Hammer). The general destroyed the Jerusalem Temple and asked them to offer Pigs to Zeus, the Greek Goddess. So Maccabeus became very jealous for His God. He rebelled against the officials and killed them, he used to hide himself in the forests and suddenly came and attacked the enemies and reigned for several years.

2. Characteristics of Idols vv.4-7

They are created by human beings, they can’t speak, they can’t eat, they can’t taste. Their idols were full of delusion and nothing, their images are empty wind(Is 41:29). There is no life, and spirit, they are liars ( Jer. 10:14, 51:17).

Jer. 10:1-5 scarecrow, idols speak not, walk not. Rm. 1:23 – immortal God made into mortal images. It can do no good(Is 44:10). Lev 26:1 do not make idols.

3. Characteristics of the Idol worshippers v. 8

God created man in his image and in his likeness. He created them male and female. He gave them mind, heart, soul, thought. God kept love, anger, compassion, tenderness in human heart. Man is the reflection of God.

We see men and woman who possess the grace abundantly, enormous intelligence, artists, scientists, astronomy. People who invented telephone( Graham bell), plan(Write Brothers) and etc.,Someone said that if our first parents were the Chinese, we could have lived in Eden forever and ever. They would have ate Snake instead of Fruit of Knowledge. But the man who makes idols are useless and vain personality (Is 44:9), they do not know they cannot comprehend(Is 44:18), he has no discernment (Is 44:19)

4. God’s blessings vv.9-18

God is a help and shield (115:9-11). He remembers us though we are tiny persons (Ps. 115:12, 8:3-4). He remembered us in our lowliness (Ps 136:23), he remembered when we were in distress and troubles (Gen. 8:1), he remembered us in our toils and troubles (Ex 2:24-25, 3:7). When you go to battle you will be remembered (Nu 10:9).

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