Summary: Live like Elijah to bring revival among God's people who live a lethargic life.

“The Lord indeed is God; The Lord indeed is God” I Ki. 18:39 & Ex 20:4-6

1. Trouble to all People

Omri reigned Israel, he made Samaria as its Capital (I Ki 16:24-26). He provoked the Lord by Idols. Ahab did more evil than all other kings before him (I Ki 16:30). He married Jezebel, a Sidonite woman, an idol worshipper, he built altars for Baal, made sacred pole, he did more to provoke the Lord (I Ki. 16:31-33). She had 850 prophets of the Idols, they are priests, they are worst people.

Satan is real, his powers are real. I have encountered twice the evil powers. And the Lord enabled me to cast out demons in several occasions. I also experienced very special life with the Lord. Ahab is very cunning fellow he was telling: “I have not made trouble for Israel. The trouble came when they left the commandments. 18:18-19.” Trouble makers never understand that they are troubling and ruining the family, community, Church. Some of the political parties are completely destroyed because of the trouble makers, who cheat people, who are corrupted.


God wanted to teach the king about His power and might to Ahab. The Lord brought severe drought, no dews, no rains, no grace, no pity, no compassion, no forgiveness. Human sins bring water scarcity, fodder scarcity, livelihood scarcity, Ration Scarcity. We see how that widow and her son wanted to die. Many would have gone through that experience. Sin brings poverty, debts, sicknesses and so on.

2. Zeal for God

God is more jealous and has zeal for His people Israel. The same way God expected the people of Israel, the Davidic families and the kings of Israel. But it was very unfortunate that they failed.

So, God sent Elijah the only prophet who stood before the Lord and the King with zeal and courage. Also, God raised seven thousand people against the Adulterous king and queen. We have few best examples in the Bible who stood with courage for faith. The three young men of the Babylon, against the Nebuchadnezzar, the numerous people who have committed their entire life to Christ (Heb. 11:34- 39, Rm. 8:36-39). Then people understood that YHWH is God (I Ki.18:39). He is the only Lord who gives answer through fire. He pours out fire upon all of us to become more zeal for God, more Jealous for God.

Phinehas had zeal for God (Nu 25:11). Jehu had zeal for God so he killed Jezebel (II Ki 10:16). David says that he had zeal for God’s house (Ps 69:9). The same is said by Jesus in John 2:17. Paul had great zeal for God (Phil 3:6).

3. A separated life.

A life without mixing up is important (Nu 23:9). A life separated from evil cultures, evil festivals, evil fellowships, evil customs and evil traditions. A life consecrated for God is more important.

God called Abraham to lead a separated life. worthy life, our calling is also the same. Mordecai lived a separated life for God (Es. 3:1). Moses said that Israel was a special people. (Ex 33:16).

Lev 19:26-37. List out how to be separated:

v.26 Separated from Food items.

v.26b. Separated from Horoscope

v.27. Shaving the head and beard with religious sentiments, observing the idol worship.

v.28 & 31. Do not write names in your body.

v.29 Separated from Adultery

v.30 Observe Sabbath

v.35-36: Do righteous business, have right scale, walk worthy of the Life. Let the pendulum always stand firm.

Dt. 7:2-4 Do not mingle with them. Do not take or give in marriage (Ezra 9:12)

Josh 23:7 – God was very strict, very jealous that his children should not destroy their life.

Jud 2:2 destroy their Altars but you did not listen to me.

So, have separated life in everything, in using the time, using money, living very exemplary life. Jer. 15:19-21.

Be a blessed man by living away from the wicked, unrighteous and unholy people (Ps 1:1-3 & Pr. 4:14). Do not follow the crowd to do evil (Ex 23:2)

Paul warns not to associate with …… (I Cor. 5:11 & II Cor. 6:14) Save yourself from the corrupt generation (Ac 2:40).

God will do the final separation the seeds from the weeds (Mt 13:30, 49)

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