Summary: A look at how God has the perfect plan for us because of His perfect love for us and his perfect wisdom of us.

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1 John 4:7-13

I. PERFECT LOVE (1 John 4: 7-13)

A. Sovereign. Deut 7:8; 10:15

1. above all other love

2. Fuller than all other love

B. Unfailing. Is 49:15,16

1. Regardless of our worthiness

2. Regardless of our reaction

C. Everlasting. Jer 31:3.


A. He knows you

B. He knows your past

C. He knows your future


A. His plans for you are best

1. Because of His perfect love for you

2. Because of His perfect wisdom of you

3. No one else can foresee all things

4. No one else will love you more

B. His plan is the only one with lasting benefits

1. Joy

2. Peace

3. Fulfillment

4. Rewards

5. Eternal security

C. His plan is the most pleasing to Him

1. You can have it your way but;

a. never have peace, true joy, fulfillment in life

b. never here well done good and faithful servant

2. You can have it His way and;

a. enjoy the blessings of God

b. have peace that only comes from God

c. enjoy sweet fellowship with almighty God

d. have joy that only God can give

e. Have a mansion and rewards waiting on you

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