Summary: God has lovingly provided a way for our greatest need to be met.

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5 Ways That God Shows He Loves You Series (Part 1 of 5)

He Knows Our Need

Isa. 9:1-7

Nov. 26, 2006 FBC, Chester Mike Fogerson, Pastor


A In a "Peanuts" cartoon strip, good old Charlie Brown says to Linus, "Life is just too much for me. I’ve been confused from the day I was born. I think the whole trouble is that we’re thrown into life too fast. We’re not really prepared."

1 Linus asks, "What did you want . . . a chance to warm up first?"

2 The Advent season is supposed to be our chance to warm up.

a The word Advent means to await – we await the coming of the King, Jesus Christ.

b It’s that time to prepare our hearts and homes for the birth of the Christ child.

B Historical background

1 Nearly 800 years before the birth of Jesus.

a The nation is divided in two: Judah (2 southern tribes) & Israel (10 northern tribes).

b The people had put their trust in politics, alliances with other nations, man.

2 Israel was attacked in 733-32 BC by Assyria (Tiglath-Relesser III) & became a vassal state of Assyria.

a In 701 BC Judah was attacked, enslaved to Assyrian king Sennacherib.

b Isaiah urged the people to trust in the Lord...they didn’t.

aa Looking for David, military expert, leader...Messiah

bb Expecting an earthly king to solve all their problems.

c In our text, Isaiah is counseling Israel concerning Assyria.

C Isaiah 9:1-7 (NASB)

1 Isaiah encouraged a rebellious Israel by assuring them that God knew what they needed (essence of the text in a sentence).

a God has lovingly provided a way for our greatest need to be met (essence of the sermon in a sentence).

b I pray you’ll allow Jesus to give you more than you expect-salvation, yes! Break your yoke, rod, staff, too! Rule in heart (objective).

2 What need is Jesus offering to meet in your life today? (Probing question)

a Let’s look at 2 aspects of Isaiah 9:1-7 that can help us allow Jesus to give more than we expect (transitional sentence).

b Pray

I Plenty of problems vs. 1-5

A Israel was about as low as people can possibly become.

1 Isaiah described the peoples’ needs in great detail.

a Gloom, anguish, contempt (v. 1), walking & living in darkness (v. 2), under a yoke of burden, staff, & rod of oppression (v. 4), and v. 5 says there was a military presence that enforced the yoke/staff/rod.

b These people had troubles by the dozen & heartaches by the number.

2 God allowed (brought) these problems because the people refused to be faithful, obedient, trust in Him.

a The purpose was to discipline, not destroy (v.1). Anguish to honor.

b They chose their way vs. God’s way, pray vs. prey, canopy of God’s protection vs. object of wrath.

B Our own sin /rebellion against God brings us plenty of problems, too.

1 Our sin has landed us in the confusion, uncertainty, & darkness that comes when we choose our own way over His way (our will/glory over His).

a Chose to deny Jesus Lordship, & we wonder why nothing goes right.

aa Defile the marriage bed & wonder why divorce rates are over 50%, babies having babies.

bb Take God/10 Commandments/prayer out of school & wonder why we have to put metal detectors at the gate

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