Summary: Jesus was crucified at calvary, but he got up... and many of us like Jesus, have died in some areas in our lives but need to get back up!


The enemy wants to convince you that you are forever guilty of sins & trespasses & that you cannot be forgiven. That you will never amount to anything. He will get you depressed & down, & try to make you feel like you are worth nothing & can do nothing. He wants you to think there is no hope.

Jesus came as an example to us & for us, and he died... BUT he got up! And the same way & power he had to get up is the same way & power we have to get up.

So the question I pose is... How can I get up and begin to live again??

II. BODY: 3 Ways To Live Again:

A.) Get Over Past Sins & Mistakes!

God sent his son to die for us on the cross & to cover ALL of our sins, past, present, & future.

Jesus forgives & forgets, & so should you.

John 3:18

John 3:16

Mark 5:34

B.) Get An Attitude Check!

Your attitude controls your altitude! If you only think negatively, you’ll continue to live in your grave, you have to think positively in order to rise!

Paul says, "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice!"

We have to begin to think positively and "Outside the box", in order to change our current situation & begin to live again!

C.) You Have To Learn How To Speak To Your Situation!

You don’t need everybody else to speak things into your situation, sometimes you gotta speak to it yourself!

John 14:28- Jesus spoke to & of his situation here.

Ezekiel 37- Talk about the valley of dry bones & how Ezekiel prophicied to the bones & they lived.

III. Preach The Text:

Exhort & encourage the people of God that they can get up and live again, no matter what the current situation is!

IV. Conclusion:

He lives! And so can you...

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