Summary: The word of God is the instrument for our divine healing. We can activate its operations when we cry unto God in our distresses.

He Sent Forth His Words and Heal Them

Study Text: Psalm 107: 19 - 20


- The Word of God is quick and powerful and it is the effective weapon to challenge the purpose of the Devil and establish the purpose of God in a man's life. Hebrews 4:12, Ephesians 6:17.

-. Sickness is among the many circumstances in life where prayer is needed, and concerning such prayer, James the apostle gives detailed instructions. James 5:14-16

-. The written word, when believed in the heart and spoken by faith has capacity to bring about divine healing and deliverance from the Oppressions of the Devil. Mark 16:17

-. We shall be discussing the topic under three subheadings:

1. The Information on Divine Healing

2. The Instrument for Divine Healing

3. The Ingredients of Divine Healing

1. The Information on Divine Healing

- There is an activity that man can perform that releases the compassion of God. It is crying out to Him.

-. When you are in distress, you want relief. And when you cry unto God, somehow you will reach Him. Jeremiah 33:3

- The children of Israel groan under the weight of Egyptian bondage, and God heard them and raised up a deliverer. Exodus 3:1-7

- Whenever we cry unto heaven in our afflictions, God sends a Word and releases a power on earth that eventually remedies the problem.

- God moves by the power of His Word. He upholds the world by the Word of His power, and will not allow His holy ones to see corruption.

- We need only to cry out to Him and we will find that He is mighty to deliver. He heals bodies, situations, nations, oppressed people, and all things by His Word.

- So God sends His Word and heals us. It is amazing how many hurting words we receive. If words of man and of the Devil can cause pain, then the Word of God can cause healing, comfort and relief.

-. What we need is a Word with a healing balm on it. We need the Word that is higher than the hurtful words. We need the Word that is forever settled in heaven. We need a Word sent straight from God.

- When you need physical healing, God sends His Word and heals you. Keep crying out to Him. Cry out in faith, cry out with thanksgiving, and in the spirit of worship, trust, and adoration. When you connect to God, He always touches your need.

2. The Instrument for Divine Healing

- The Word of God is the instrument in God’s healing process. It is described as the Sword of the Spirit.

-. It is the written Word being preached and proclaimed and applied in a given situation that is the key.

- In the New Testament we find significant statements that show the application of that statement in the Psalms.

-. For example, in Matthew 8:8 in the healing of the centurion’s servant, The centurion said, Lord, speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed. And his servant was healed at that very moment.

-. There is tremendous power when a believer speaks the Word with authority.

- In the book of Acts, there was a man named Aeneas who had been paralyzed for eight years. He obviously had heard of Jesus Christ and what he had done to bring healing and deliverance to people.

-. In Acts 8:34, “And Simon said to him, ‘Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you. Rise up and smooth out your pallet.’ And immediately he rose up.

-. We need to make the promises of the written Word personal. I Peter 2:24

- We can change it to read “by his wounds I have been healed”.

- We need to continue to minister healing to people in this way, continue to believe the promises of the written Word are personal for us and continue to seek to speak the word that is needed at any moment.

3. The Ingredients of Divine Healing

1. Submission to God

-. Submit yourself to God. As much as it is God’s will and desire to heal, such things as unconfessed sin, disobedience, unbelief, or unforgiveness toward others can hinder your reception of healing, and in some instances, could actually be the original cause of your illness.

-. Any affliction should be a time for self-examination, to come before the Lord in humility, surrendering yourself and drawing near to Him. James 4:7-10

2. Meditation in His Word.

-. Delight in, read and meditate continuously upon the word of God, focus on the healing promises in the Bible.

-. As you let them absorb into your inner man, it will bring a great sense of assurance. This is the confidence of faith that comes as you open your heart to the Word of God. Romans 10:17, Proverbs 4:20-22.

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