Summary: The Character of Christ, demonstrated through spirit-filled believers.


Isaiah 32:2

From The Time The Spirit of God moved through moses to begin the Old Testament, Untill the time Malachi Consummated it, The Priests, Prophets, and Preachers have all been given some type of revelation, about a messiah that had not yet arrived. But Isaiah, being one of the major prophets, with astonishing literary abilities, found a way to paraphrase all the prophecies in just a simple phrase, "And A Man Shall Be". Though not in the simplicity of that context, every revelation said, "And A Man Shall Be". The words "Shall be", denotes the future tense, because Jesus had not yet come. But Then John Records that "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory". So at the moment Jesus became the word incarnate, no longer would it be prophetically correct to speak of him in future-form, but the disciples, orators, and believers, were able to look at this messiah and say "And The Man Now is". But then, in order for prophecy to be fulfilled, Jesus had to lay down his body at cruel-calvary, then, Arise, and ascend to heaven. But Jesus Picked up a new body in Acts, and gave US the charge to be filled with The Holy Spirit, so that through us, His Spirit can forevermore be manifest, And now WE become The "Ambassadors for Christ", Proclaiming that Jesus Shall always Be, "Yesterday, today, and Forever".

1. Going back to the prophecy of Isaiah, we must declare the Characteristics of Christ...

I."He’s a Savior".

A. "He is A hiding place From the Wind".

B."A covert from the Tempest." (Place of Refuge from the Storm)

II."He Satisfies"

A."Rivers of Water in a Dry Place"

1.Heb."Paleg Mayim" (Divisions of Water in the Desert)

2.(alternate Translation).."Ever-flowing Foutain"

III."He Shields"

A."Shadow of A great Rock In A Weary Land".

1."Shadow" Denotes A Place of Decrease of Temperature.

2."A Great Rock" Denotes the Magnitutude of Stature.

3."In A Weary Land" Denotes a Specified Location of Need.

Conclusion: Though historically, Isaiahs Prophecy is directed toward the second Advent of Christ, Spiritually, it can be directed in the aspects of a Christian’s Life. WE are the Messengers, Sent by the Spirit, To Proclaim with Clarity and Conviction that Jesus does Save, Satisfy, and Shield. If their are no more Spirit-filled believers announcing the message of Christ, His power cannot be manifested.

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