Psalms 126:6 He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves [with him]. {precious...: or, seed basket} Many believe that Ezra wrote this Psalm after the Jews returned to their homeland from captivity, and as he saw the barren land he began to weep over its barreness.

I believe the reason today that many of our Churches are barren is that we don’t have any shedding of tears over the lost.

Oh, we have people who shed tears, but over the wrong things. I heard Junior Hill say while he was preaching in a revival, that a man came up to him crying. He kept saying over and over again, we lost, we lost. Brother Hill asked him, we lost what? The man replied, haven’t you heard, our team lost the ball game.

Jesus said in Luke 7:32, “ye have not wept”. I pray it won’t be said of our generation, that we didn’t weep over lost souls getting saved.


Indifference is one of the greatest hindrances in prayer. Our hearts get cold about the eternal destiny of others. We let everything in the world keep us so busy that many Christians neglect time spent in prayer for the lost.

Paul had a burden for the lost. In Romans 9:2 he described the deep desire he had to see his kinsmen saved by saying that he had a "..great heaviness and continual sorrow.." in his heart. In Romans 10:1 Paul went on to say, " heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved." 1

A-A Burden Of Praying Continually:

1-A magazine cartoon has a little fellow kneeling beside his bed for his bedtime prayer and saying with some measure of disgust, "Dear God, Uncle Jim still doesn't have a job; Sis still doesn't have a date for the social; Grandma is still feeling sick - and I'm tired of praying for this family and not getting results."

2-Some are like that little boy, they pray for someone to get saved for a couple of months and this if they are not saved, they give up. Jesus tell us in Luke 18:1 not to give up, but we “ought always pray”.

3-There was this football coach who showed his players several films of games in order to inspire them. In one there was a big guy who hit another player and slammed him to the ground. The player who was hit just lay there, and finally limped off the field. In another film there was that same big guy who hit another player and slammed him to the ground. But this player jumped up. The next play the b ig guy slammed him to the ground again. Again he jumped up. Again and again it happened. He was slammed to the ground and jumped up again. Finally the coach said to his players, "Now which player do we want on our team?" The enthusiastic players responded in unison, "The guy who keeps jumping up!" The coach replied, "NO!, we want that big guy doing all that slamming down!" Well, maybe we can’t be like the big guy in prayer, but we

can be persistent. 2

4-One Sunday in our Church, a man came forward and gave him heart to Christ. The next day I ran into a fellow pastor. He said, I heard about that man at your Church getting saved yesterday. I marked him off our prayer list. We have been praying for him for 7 years. I am glad they hadn’t quit praying for him, but had continued all those years lifting his name before the Lord.

5-A woman telephoned the manager of a large opera house and told him she had lost a valuable diamond pin the night before at the concert. The man asked her to hold the line. A search was made and the brooch was found; but when he got back to the phone, the woman had hung up. He waited for her to call again, and even put a notice in the paper, but he heard nothing further. What a strange and foolish person, we say, but isn't this the way some of us pray? We tell the Lord all about our needs, but then fail to "hold the line." As a result, we miss the joy of answered prayer and the thrill and reward of a persistent faith. 3

B-A Burden Of Praying Christ-Like:

1- Jesus instructs us in his model prayer in Luke 11 about our attitude in prayer. He says in verse 4, that we are to forgive others as we ourselves seek forgiveness.

2-Some Christians won’t pray for some to be saved because they don’t like them. They have a hate against them.

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