Summary: But if you concentrate, pay attention, you will all really realise that all through these years even you failed to understand the real hidden blessings in the Bible.

As I was growing in the knowledge of Bible, whenever I came across this phrase I used to think Jesus used this phrase in a sarcastic way. But today when I read this phrase I really mean, that I had failed to understand the heart of Jesus in using this phrase. Today also many must be wondering why this kind of verse which is like poking type rather a blessing. I used to be thinking this manner when I had started my spiritual journey at first. But if you concentrate, pay attention, you will all really realise that all through these years even you failed to understand the real hidden blessings in the Bible.

Matthew 13:9

[9]He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”

Matthew 13:9. ? ???? ?ta ??. ??. An invitation to think of the hidden meaning, or rather a hint that there was such a meaning. The description of the land in which the sower carried on his operations would present no difficulties to the hearers: the beaten paths, the rocky spots, the thorny patches were all familiar features of the fields in Palestine, and the fate of the seed in each case was in accordance with common experience. But why paint the picture? What is the moral of the story? That Jesus left them to find out.

Many times even I used to think that they were the most responsive crowds, active crowds unlike today's crowd who comes in wooden brain, listen in wooden brain, and go in wooden brain only, what did it profit? NOTHING.

Why did Jesus said this phrase?

1) Matthew 13:2

[2]And great multitudes were gathered together to Him, so that He got into a boat and sat; and the whole multitude stood on the shore.

There's never a doubt that Jesus didn't have followers. All the time Jesus at least had fifteen thousand to twenty thousand crowd. This I said on the basis of Jesus feeding of the five thousand, this number was counted of  only men, and the similar kind of miracle of feeding seven thousand the number was again counted of men. If we take one woman and a child the number will exceed than what has been written.

Now who are these crowds or multitudes?

I think if you know at least basic things about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, then you know he was surrounded by few types of people all the times.

And I will divide them into two categories unfruitful and fruitful listeners

Let's see the difference kinds of people present there.

First comes unfruitful listeners.

Under this category let's see who are they.

The rocky, wayside and the thorny type, I have summerised these three into one category the unfruitful listeners.

1) Pharisees: What was wrong with the Pharisees, I cannot say what was right with them, according to the scriptures nothing was right in their practices as they were purely hypocrites.

They viewed themselves as the most righteous, the best, the holiest, and the leaders of the people.  They took the extensive laws of the Old Testament covenant and multiplied them and made them ridiculously specific.  

Even today, many talk a good talk and even live lives of great sobriety and piety.  Some consider themselves great moralists while others claim a religious motivation and attachment.  In either case, their hearts, because of their Pharisaical attitudes, are far from God, despite what they might say or think. Not only they wanted people to follow Mosaic laws but also the laws which were added by them. But they themselves were not doing a single rule of the Bible.

They always thought themselves as the most holy people in the Israelites community and fooled many but not to Christ. Jesus knows our in and out. This we can see in our churches today, people who think themselves holy, neither they allow someone to be better neither do they themselves want to be better.

Since I got many things to cover one thing I want to say if you want to be aware of the Pharisees please read Matt. 23.

Everytime they came to Jesus they had the mindset of 'I am righteous with God' so they missed the God himself, only the humble and meek mill see the face of God.

Matthew 5:6

[6]Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled.

Matthew 5:8

[8]Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God.

2) Scribes: Almost the same as the Pharisees, because along with Pharisees Jesus rebuked the Scribes also the same in the Matthews Gospel chapter 23. They were like twin, oppossing all the times Jesus. If the problem of Pharisees was self righteousness then these Scribes were thinking themselves highly qualified, they thought themselves as more educated than others, 'we know everything' kind of attitudes. What hurts me here to tell about them is they were always involved in writing the copies of the law, studying it very carefully not even missing an iota and the comma. After studying so much of the law they missed the Messiah, if we have an attitude like I am the most holy and I know everything, hundred percent chances are that we are going to miss the Lord Jesus Christ. They only read and copied and never tried to know the law. Because Jesus said the law points to me.

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