Summary: Many people just have head knowledge, when what really matters is heart knowledge!

Please grab a Bible and open it to the Gospel of Luke Chapter 8.

We have noted that in Luke 7 that saving faith is believing the Word of God and taking action with that belief. And in the beginning of Luke 8, we noted some results of saving faith.

True saving faith results in:

- Following Jesus Christ

- Doing the work of Jesus Christ, which is proclaiming the Gospel

- Financially supporting the work of Christ

As we continue our study of the Gospel of Luke, we can note in Chapters 8 to 9 that Jesus went through different lessons to assure that His disciples totally understood what this faith in Him really meant.

What do you think Jesus would be so appalled about politicians today??

Words without living them out are worthless.

Faith without works is dead.

Do WE really understand what it means to believe in Jesus Christ?

Are we committed to Jesus Christ like the disciples and the women in Luke 8:1-3?

And as noted in the first part of the parable of the sower and soils in v4-15, Are we stopping the devil from stealing truths from our hearts?

Now, before we move on with other teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us ask this question: Is Jesus Christ a demanding God with all these instructions?

Let us note two truths:

God Jesus Christ suffered and died for us so we can be forgiven!

And what’s the purpose of God sowing His seeds, His Instructions, for us?

The purpose of sowing seeds is for growth of something to harvest!

God instructs us so we can mature and be a “plant” for a harvest!

Do you believe in a loving God? Are you ready to learn more from our Lord and Savior? Pray with me…

Read along with me Luke 8:4-15…..

We noted last week the first 3 truths from this passage:

Truth #1: God is sharing His Word!

Truth #2: God is sharing His truths to every person and their hearts!

Truth #3: Some people will allow the devil to take away what God has given them.

What are the other truths which God wants to teach us to affirm our faith?

Let us focus on v13 today; the second type of soil which receives the seeds; in other words, a second type of people who hears the Word of God. God is sharing His Word; what are we doing with it? What type of people are we?

We read in v13, the second type of soil where God’s Word land is rocky ground. What did Jesus say about the rocky ground?

v13a: received the word of God with joy but no root!

In other words, they received the word of God but they did not allow it to grab hold in their hearts. They heard the Word of God with their ears and with their brains and they were tickled, but God’s Word never really penetrated their hearts.

And what do we read in the second part of v13?

v13b: believed for a while but when tested fell away.

What does this mean? What does it mean to be tested??

To be tested simply means to be questioned! And so, when these people are questioned about their belief, they fell away. What does it mean to fall away? Some have interpreted this as losing one’s salvation from eternal judgment. Does it really say that or is that just one’s interpretation of falling away?

Let us again note that our New Testament Bible Books were originally written in ancient Greek; and if we look up the original word for fall away here, it is aphistemi which means simply to withdraw.

And so the people who are “rocky soil” are people who believe in God’s Word for a while but when questioned they give up their belief.

And so, let us add truth #4 to our list.

Truth #4: Some people will not allow the Word of God into their hearts. Many people just have head knowledge, when what really matters is heart knowledge!

We will discuss further the third type of people who hears the Word of God next week.

But before we note applications to our lives from our passage today, let me give additional thoughts regarding which people are going to heaven based on v11-15. You see, there are many people who interpret this passage and decide who are going to heaven and who are not going to heaven. Looking at v11-15 carefully, which people do we really know for sure are not going to heaven??

V11 is very clear that those who allow the devil take truths away from their hearts are not saved! In v12-15, there is really no direct indication with the other 3 types of people whether they’re going to heaven or not! People can argue and argue and argue, and sadly some do, who are really saved in this passage. The truth is, whether saved or not, there is really only one type of soil or people God desires, as we read in v15…..

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