Summary: Sometimes it is us who hold back our blessing, we let everybody else tell us what we can have or what we cannot have. If it is something that you really want, you should not let anyone come between you and your blessing.

Intro: This story start off with one of the ruler of the synagogue, Jairus by name; who came to Jesus for help. His daughter was dying and he wanted Jesus to come and lay His hands on his daughter so she could be healed. Jesus went with him and many of the people followed Him, and pressed around Him. And a certain woman, witch brings me to my 1st point, “Her Condition”, her issue of blood caused her, her family. To be stricken with this issue was just like being one of leaper, you were put out of your home, you could not touch your love ones, they could not show you any affection what so ever.

1. Her Condition: She bleed for 12yrs, an outcast, broken, she had some issues.

a. She had Family issue: could not be touched by her children, her husband could not hold her.

b. She had Financial issue: she spent all she had going from doctor to doctor, trying to get healed.

c. She had a Faith issue: she did not think she would ever be healed; she practical gave up until she heard Jesus was come by.

2. Her Courage: She was convinced that no matter what happens, she was going to see Jesus, she was going to get next to the man of God. How many people know when you try to get next to the man of God, people same to get in the way.

a. The Peters are in the crowd

b. The Judus, are in the crowd

c. The Thomas, are in the crowd

But you have to keep on pressing your way through the crowd until you touch Him.

3. Her Contact: She crawled through the crowd to touch Him, she did what ever it took to get next to the man of God, but when you touch Him, there will be no doubt that you are healed.

a. You must have a desire to do what it takes

b. You must have faith that when I touch Him, I’m healed.

4. Her Cure: She know when she touched Him she was healed.

a. She was healed immediately

b. She felt it right away

Closing: When she was healed, she knew that she was made whole. She begin to preach to anyone that would listen to her, she helped anyone that needed help, she wanted to show Jesus how Grateful she, because He healing her. Now, my question to you is? What are you doing to show Jesus how Grateful you are, who have you told about Jesus lately. My brothers and sister, no matter what you are going through Jesus can heal you. No matter what situation you are in, Jesus can bring you out of it. When you fill like the world is against you, and you fill like there’s no way out, Jesus can bring you out. The Bible said, he will never level you nor forsake you. Amen!

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