Summary: Message from John 5. The legend of the pool. The Legend of the pool was that an angel would come down and stir up the waters. First one in got healed!

People… God’s Passion

The legend of the pool

The Legend of the pool was that an angel would come down and stir up the waters. First one in got healed!

Imagine the chaos and people diving into this pool when some waters from a spring below began bubbling up.

Like a game of spoon, musical chairs, or runners in the blocks waiting for the starter’s gun to go off – everyone on the edge and waiting to go!

One false start and everyone is in the water and it’s all moving. Then someone wants so badly to be healed they jump out claiming that they restored and the legend gets a little bigger and a little better.

The man at Bethesda Pool

He was never sure when he began to change. At first he had fought against the paralysis. Shame had washed over him when his friends picked up his pallet and carried him to Bethesda pool. His mouth compressed tightly; his forehead was rigid with a frown. One could feel the determination, sense the voice inside him that demanded over and over, “I will walk again. I will!” How he had watched that pool! He was so desperate to reach it when the waters were rippled, to win the healing people said would come to the first person to slip in them. He had dug his fingers into the pavement, frantically jerking his body across the stones.

But that was years ago. So many years. The friends were gone now, busy with their own affairs. His world was the tiny space occupied by his pallet on the pavement. He no longer struggled to reach the water. In 38 years he had learned to live with his paralysis; learned to accept his wasted, sticklike legs. All the old dreams were discarded. Now he was satisfied with an extra crust of bread in his begging bowl, or a little warmth when the wind brushed the clouds away from the sun. Thirty-eight years. Life had settled into routine, and he was … resigned.

This man was not well

Now, I don’t know that this is what happened to the man described in John 5. We’re told only that he had been ill for 38 years, and that he had no one. But it’s easy to imagine what must have happened inside as the reality of his paralysis wore away his spirit. We can imagine his youthful plans; the success or the security he dreamed of, the family he’d have. And then came an illness that stripped him of everything: strength, companions, and finally he lost all hope.

People today have different pools.

The pool of health

To feel good, to be strong, to be on top of the world – this is the goal. So they exercise, drink protein drinks, get so many facelifts and tummy tucks that they can’t smile or bend over. Their doctor becomes their best friend and closest confidant. There is an endless search for the perfect body and a healthy life.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not bad to exercise. I guess. My idea of a good work out is a hot tub of water – pull the plug and fight the current!

I’m glad there are physicians who have made it their life’s goal to heal and help us. I’m glad we can exercise and feel good about our bodies. But there many who are looking to our physicians to heal the soul and their exercise trainer to satisfy the need to feel good about themselves. They go around saying, “If I can just get the right treatment or exercise program – then I’ll be better.”

The pool of wealth

If the physicians can’t heal us then maybe the stockbroker can. I just need a little more money will take care of everything.

So many in our culture sit at the edge of the pool of wealth. They work two jobs and stay up late working the Internet to find a way to get into the pool first. Every time someone wins the lottery the waters are stirred and we all dive in. If I just had a little more.

We watch all “The Apprentice” and see the lifestyle of not only “helmet hair” Donald Trump but all those who desperately want to obtain it – Sam, Amy, Bill, Omorsa, Heidi, Kwamie, Troy, Nick… Many like these sit at the edge of the pool of wealth.

The pool of Intellect

It was Descarte who said, “I think, therefore, I am.” And thus began the wisdom of man. We have seen the age of reason, the advance of technology, the influence of science, and the importance of education.

Politically we are committed to “no child left behind” although there is much wrangling about what that really means and how to get it done.

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