Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: jesus’ restoration to enemies and who abandoned Him

The healing touch of Jesus

Mark 14:47, Luke 22.50.51 John 21.15ff

This is the last miracle Jesus had performed .this is recorded in 4 gospels, only Luke records the healing, john says it was peter

Malchus, peter and Jesus are the characters

Scene; garden of Gethsemane

Roman soldiers and the temple police came to arrest him.

Jesus asked “whom are they looking for”?

They answered Jesus of Nazareth he said “I am he”

He said “let them go”.

Peter took the sword and cut the ear of Malchus

Malchus was probably the part of religious mafia

He was an enemy of Jesus

He was wounded by Jesus’ disciple

But he was touched by Jesus

Why did Peter cut his ear?

a. misunderstood Lord’s word

b. never accepted His word

Jesus predicted His death and resssurection

c. He didn’t wait for Jesus’ instruction

Peter was going to fight a war he can’t win.

He didn’t understand Jesus nor did he listen to him.

Our way of dealing to this world is different because we are with Jesus Eph.6 12

He forgets whom he belongs to and tried everything humanly possible to defend Christ rather than doing that which was divinely required. That is why he failed.

He wants to protect Jesus but his own way.

Peter’s plan was to improve god’s plan.

But Jesus put his ear back and healed him.

Remember he is Jesus’ enemy still he healed him.

He practiced what he preached.

What would have been the case if Jesus didn’t heal him?

What happened to Peter?

Peter lost his battle and denied Jesus.

What leads peter to this spiritual decline?

Peter who stepped out of the boat and walked on the water.

Peter who said you are the Christ son of god .But he denied Jesus three times .why?

A. He was proud mark 14.29

Over confidence, self confident, boasting

Proverbs 16.18 a haughty spirit proceeds falling.

B. He was careless mark 14.37

Lack of prayer

Not being watchful, which made easy to fall into the flesh?

C. Trusted in human efforts. MARK 14 .47

His life was not under control of the Holy Spirit because of the lack of prayer.

He thought he can do it by himself.

d. Ashamed and afraid mark 14 .54

Following Him at a distance

There are no short cuts to spiritual growth.

e. He took comfort in wrong things with wrong people MARK 14.66,67

Being ashamed of Jesus make easy to mingle with those of world and enjoy their comforts.

No one can’t be comforted by the fire of the world and not be burned by it.

Proverbs 6. 27

When we become friends of the world we became enemies of god .1 john2.15

Peter denied Jesus three times

Luke 22.61 Jesus looked at peter

When I look into the eyes of Jesus, as He looks at Peter:

I do not see eyes of anger. I see eyes of acceptance!

I do not see eyes of bitterness. I see eyes of benevolence!

I do not see eyes of criticism. I see eyes of compassion!

I do not see eyes of guilt. I see eyes of grace!

I do not see eyes of hostility. I see eyes of hope

Peter went and wept bitterly.

The story is not ending there.

Jesus rose again from the death .That is where our hope is.

Sin couldn’t conquer Him.

Death couldn’t defeat Him.

Grave couldn’t hold Him.

Peter thought everything is over.

Resurrection gives us hope. It says there is no hopeless situation.

Because Jesus is alive.

We can experience hope that relieves our doubts

We can experience grace that forgives our sins and failures.

We can experience courage that conquers our fears

We can experience life that overcomes death

We can experience purpose that replaces our emptiness.

After resurrection Jesus said go and tell peter.

Mark 16.7

Jesus restored peter john .21

6 steps to spiritual restoration

1. get yourself a rooster

Who will faithfully hold you accountable and remind you of the lord’s word.

David -> Nathan

Be accountable to some one in the fellowship.

2. Learn to weep with repentance

So that Jesus can restore you with a soft and contrite heart.

2. Start where you have failed. john 21.1-6

3. serve the Lord with joy

4. Reaffirm your love for Jesus in humility john21. 15ff

5. follow Him regardless of the cost

After his restoration peter learned from his mistakes he wrote later

1peter 5 .5-11

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