Summary: Current events

Hear what the spirit of God is saying to our nation.

Revelation 3: 14-22, Revelation 13: 11-18, Revelation 17: 1-18

My fellow Americans and those who choose to call themselves American,

Indeed as an American, I am proud of the success of President Barack Obama. The resolve and determination he demonstrated during these tough times permitted the downhill progression of our economy to momentarily come to a halt. He is constantly working tirelessly to fulfill the promises made during his campaign. Moreover, in spite of the insistence of the far right of the Republican Party to lay the blame for our current dire situation at his feet, he correctly asserted to all Americans the evident truth that this is a problem he inherited from the previous Republican administration. For these and his many imminent successes, I gladly stand and give him the praise that is due.

However, let us not forget the approaching disastrous consequences of our preceding actions. The bell tolls with the coming devastation of our economic stability. We will face our worse fears because of the prevailing greed that has overcome our nation. Because of the untrue words that we so freely proclaim, the judgment of God has been pronounced. Our national spiritual integrity has been measured and we have been pronounced wanting. We have been tried by the spirit of God and we indeed have been judged as a lukewarm nation. Because of this divine judgment, we have been spewed out upon the dirt of history as the Babylon mentioned in the book of Revelations.

Indeed our nation is a wealthy and prosperous nation and our independence of others and our want for nothing has brought us world renowned fame. Nevertheless, the prevailing truth has shown forth in these recent grievous times. The predominant truth is we are a nation whose actions and deeds are wretched. Our efforts to stand behind the justice we loudly proclaim are just pitiful fictitious illustrations of the true intent of our documented words. Indeed, we are a nation that is poor in our efforts of love, blind to the justice we falsely proclaim, and naked in our own self righteousness. In reality, modern America is a counterfeit representation of the America foretold in our national founding documents. We are a bogus depiction because we do not believe in the God we proclaim to serve nor have we ascertained the meaning of liberty and justice for all.

America is a cannibalistic nation feeding not only upon the poor and helpless of its society; we also feed upon the innocent inhabitants of the rest of this biosphere. We spread the American idolization of money, power and fame through out the globe. These actions caused many of the saints of God to fall and their God given traditions to fade into non-existence. America forced others through our financial and military dominance to receive the mark of our society. Without our credit, monetary support, and contractual verbiage, no one can conduct business. We placed a value upon the head of every person in the world. Everyone is branded by their credit score and valued because of their net worth. The credit score and net worth are the number of modern man.

Therefore, God pronounced judgment upon our great and mighty nation, a nation that stretches from sea to shining sea. America is a nation that instructs kings and queens when to move and governs the world from the city that is the home to the idol called Lady Liberty. Because of this unrighteous idolatry, God proclaimed our fall and destruction. Just as surely as the mighty Russia fell because of what America proudly did; America will tumble down because of the actions of America. The word of God states the reason for our destruction. The Scriptures says, “That which you sow, that also shall you reap.” America will reap the destruction it brought to the rest of the world. Moreover, the world will watch in awe and dismay. Some will proudly celebrate our destruction. They will proclaim, “America is getting just what it deserves.”

Yet, there is hope for those called to be the elect of God. Our hope comes from the Lamb of God. Let us that know God continued to cry out and look to him to save our people. Let us continue to look to the hills for the coming return of the one and only King. Let us that know God never attach ourselves to the materialist values of the American society. Let us stand tall and proud and give our testimony of our true belief and trust in our redeeming King. Let us never prostitute ourselves for the filthy material comforts of success, power, and fame. If we do not bow to the false idols of our nation, we shall remain spotless, without blemish, and acceptable to God. Furthermore, let us open our ears and hear what the Spirit of God is proclaiming to our nation, so we can receive a crown and be seated on the throne with Christ.

As always, may God bless each of us,

Pastor Reginald Levi Walker

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