Summary: Developing a Proper Concept of Christ.

“Worship is anything but a spectator sport. Out of the chaos of our lives we come to listen, to actually feel the beat of God, his heartbeat, His challenge to us to get up, stand up for Him and serve. Today, my prayer is that we come here to offer ourseves to Him, give our lives to serve Him in loving actions for Him.

This morning our worship gathering, is about hearing God’s heartbeat, His call for us to live our lives serving Him, and letting that beat drive us in our lives to serve in Jesus name. Let’s continue to worship as we sing.

My Glorious

Our Love Is Loud

God of Wonders

Corporate prayer. “I need to hear the beat”

Song of Response/commitment-

The Heart of the Master-

Three snapshots into the heart of X

-Follow Me-Days 1-5-Equip for service

Day 1-w/ the people Jn. 1:19-37

John questioned by religious leaders

What did John give as the purpose for his min? (vs. 23)

-X was there when this happened (vs. 26,27)

29-34-John identifies X as the “Lamb of God” who does what?

“takes away the sin of the world”

-lamb sacrifices in temple only covered sin-had to be repeated reg.

X as the lamb of God was going to take it away, one time sacrifice-a message of hope.

35-37-next day again identifies X as the lamb of God to 2 of his disciples

The idea of calling a disc. Was common for teachers of the time– it was actually seen as one of their most sacred duties– a teacher was expected to gather a circle of disc./learners around him– when X called them to “follow me” this would have been understood as a call to be a permanent disciple of a teacher.

But for John his goal in having disciples was different, he was not making disciples of himself but his goal was that they would follow X & that is our goal in making disciples as well– Mt. 28:19-20

37-51-now X calls His first disciples-2 disciples of JTB (John & Andrew) believe what John had said and follow X

Then what happened-2

Andrew told peter-3

X called philip-4

Philip told Nathaniel-5

What was His challenge to them? (follow me)

-be w/ me, know me, see me work, get to know my heart

So what would they learn about X if they spent time w/ Him?

Heartbeat of God is that we follow and serve Him, X came not just to die, but to equip disciples who could equip others. If it was just to die, he could have done that at any time, but died after His work of training the disciples was complete.

-Show Me your Glory-End of week 1-I have what you need to do whatever I ask.

#3-Don’t ever come between God & His people-Draw people to God.

Read John 2:13-17.

Takes place during the first year of X’s min. He goes down to Jer. W/ his disc. For the passover.

What can you tell me about the passover?

-time when all Jews made a pilgrimage to Jer. From all over Israel and the near east. & they all needed to make a sacrifice of either doves, lambs or cattle.

-People came from all over the Near East w/out animals & different types of money & had to exchange their money for the temple currency and buy their animals.

Ill. Going to Hume Lake and you had to use their money for whatever you wanted to buy.

How would that make you feel? It made X mad.

The priest had lost sight of the true purpose of the festival & were using it for their own gain, taking advantage of those who had come to worship God.

What did He do? Read from the message.

Jesus was showing His disciples His heart. Letting them know what was important to Him, what He loved, What He was passionate about

He was trying to give them a proper concept of who He was.

That is the same reason we are looking at the Life of X. Hopefully we can see His heart and learn what was important to Him and those things will become more important to us.

What does this story tell us about what was important to X?


-love for God

-passion for the things of God

-Not coming between God and those who want to worship Him.

-Don’t take advantage of others who are in need.

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