Summary: 2 of 3. Shepherds were given an official announcement of Jesus’ birth. Jesus’ birth has been publicly announced. BUT... Who will hear God’s Good News? Those who Hear/Discover God’s Good News...

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A portion of my testimony—My breaking point(in front of the TV)

Recognition of personal sinfulness despite having previously heard & read God’s truth for years.

There is actual Substance to Christmas even when surrounded by the Worldly traditional trappings.

*All those things that comprise the Christmas season(including New Year’s) are fun & exciting!—& nothing is wrong with that! BUT all those fun & exciting things should be a response to God’s ministry of love to us thru Christ Jesus.

Jesus’ birth is celebrated the world over by Christians because of:

A.)How He came—born of the Spirit, born of a virgin.

B.)Why He came—Our sins condemn us.


C.)What He would accomplish—

i)Deliver us from the penalty of our sins.

ii)Secure our place in heaven.

iii)Give us a new purpose...His purpose.

iv)Empower us to live for Him(moment-by-moment) by His Spirit, rather than by flesh.

Shepherds were given an official announcement of Jesus’ birth.

Jesus’ birth has been publicly announced.


Who will hear God’s Good News?

4 means of Hearing God’s Good News.

Last Sunday, we found that Those who Hear/Discover God’s Good News are those who...


2. Are PREPARED for it(:10-11)

3—Those who Hear/Discover God’s Good News...


Explanation:(:13-14)Among men

:13—“And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God & saying:”

Upon the angel’s revelation to the shepherds, an innumerable gathering of heavenly angels then appeared before the shepherds.

The whole “multitude” of angels then “praised God.” Their praise(plural) consisted of a particular revelation regarding the birth of Christ the Lord(:14 below).

“Suddenly”—exaifnhv—Adv.—1) Of a sudden, suddenly, unexpectedly. Strong—Of a sudden(unexpectedly). Used 5X.?From—ek/Ex—1) Out of, from, by, away from. Strong—a primary preposition denoting origin(the point whence action or motion proceeds), From, out(of place, time, or cause; literal or figurative; direct or remote).—& the base of—aifnidiov[non apparent]—Unexpected, i.e. Suddenly.

“With”—sun—Preposition—1) With. Strong—a primary preposition denoting union; With or together(but much closer than meta or para), i.e. By association, companionship, process, resemblance, possession, instrumentality, addition, etc.

“Multitude”—plhyov—Noun Neuter—1) A multitude—1a) A great number, of men or things, 1b) The whole number, the whole multitude, the assemblage—1b1) The multitude of the people. Strong—A fulness, i.e. A large number, throng, populace.?From—plhyw—To “fill”(literally or figuratively [imbue, influence, supply]); specifically--To fulfill(time).

“Host”—stratia—Noun Fem.—Eng.=‘strategy’—1) An army, band of soldiers; 2) in the NT, The hosts of heaven—2a) Troops of angels, 2b) The heavenly bodies, stars of heaven(so called on account of their number & their order). Strong—feminine of a derivative of stratov(an army; from the base of strwnnumi[to "strew", i.e. spread(as a carpet or couch)]as encamped); Camp-likeness, i.e. An army, i.e. figuratively--The angels, the celestial luminaries. Used 2X.

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