Summary: what is God’s message to those with hearts that are heavy, broken, and torn apart by pain and loss?

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Heart Conditions: Heavy and Troubled Hearts


This week I want to look at the message that the scriptures have for those with heavy and troubled. We live in a time and in a world full of people who are brokenhearted. I can guarantee that there are even people here today who are brokenhearted. I don’t know what has broken your heart lately, but there is a message in scripture for you. Jesus wants to cure your broken heart this very hour. We all are burdened by different things, and I know that we all have broken hearts about something that has taken place over the course of our life. Those with broken hearts are wounded soldiers. Satan work hard to ensure that Christians are hurting so that they cannot be as effective in the Kingdom. There is a twist though; if we would simply come to Jesus we can find a cure for that broken heart. What is it that is burdening you? What is troubling your heart?

We know that when Jesus lived here on this Earth 2,000 years ago he had a special concern for those with heavy and troubled hearts. Remember Jesus with the Woman at the well, a woman who no other Jew would have associated with; he had compassion on her. She had a broken heart from many failed marriages, and Jesus wanted to heal that broken heart. Remember Jesus with the woman caught in adultery, everyone else wanted to stone her and have her killed; but Jesus had compassion on her, Jesus wanted to heal her troubled heart. Remember Jesus with the man born blind, the tax collectors, the sinners, those people who no one else cared about; Jesus cared for their troubled and broken hearts.

Part of the good news of the gospel, and salvation in Christ is our broken hearts can be healed. Jesus is concerned about the broken hearted. When Isaiah was speaking of the role of the coming Savior he mentioned that the Messiah would bind up the broken hearted.

A man was walking on the beach one afternoon kicking up the sand, disgusted with

certain things and problems of life. There on the beach was a bottle and as he walked he kicked the bottle into the surf. POP Out of the bottle came a mysterious being... a Jeannie. “Because you

have freed me you are granted three wishes...but be advised that with each one your

mother-in-law will receive double what you ask for.”

Thinking seriously the man responded, “I would like $10,000,000.”

“Granted and your mother-in-law will received twenty million.”

“Next wish”.....I would like 10 new cars, Corvettes, Ferrari, Vipers,

“Granted but you know your mother-in-law will receive 20 new cars.” Great.

“This is your last wish now so think about it seriously”.....

The man thought and thought and finally he responded, “I wish you would beat me half to death

This man was hoping to find healing of his problems here in this life, but they cannot be found in material possessions or anything else, but in Christ. Jesus wants to heal you of your troubles. I want to this morning look at reasons why we should not be troubled, burdened, and discouraged.

Text: Matthew 11:28-30

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