Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A Biblical overview of Heaven and Hell and why we can't erase Hell! Jesus is the only way to Heaven!

The Afterlife


This is a huge topic these days! Not enough time to cover here, ONLINE class THIS TUES night, get into the nuts and bolts with you live in the chat!

I want to warn you, not all things that we’ll talk about are going to be palatable. Not all things are going to sit well with you. Not all things are going to seem fair to you. Some of you may be upset with what I have to say. Rest assured, I’m accountable for more than some of you. James 3:1 says preachers and teachers are held more accountable. With this in mind, understand that I don’t take that lightly.

What I say in this sermon needs to be prefaced with this: God demands I speak His truth weather you like it or not…and I fear GOD’S disapproval more than I fear YOURS. I won’t sugar coat it no matter how uncomfortable it gets, you are all adults and I will merely state the facts and let you all make your own decisions.

Let’s start with the moment of death. The Bible is clear on what happens the second you die both as a Christians and a non-Christian.

As a Christian, the body dies but the soul goes on to be in the ‘presence of The Lord’. 2 Corinthians 5:8 (today you will be with me in paradise, amongst others)

Paradise sounds nice:) Let’s talk about that!

Facebook question I asked: Many questions about Heaven…let’s just get right to it with some Biblical answers.

Will we have relationships with our spouse in Heaven? YES, will they have the same nature as our relationships do in this life? No. Let me explain.

You won’t be married to your spouse in the same way you are here…IT WILL BE BETTER. Randy Alcorn “Heaven” The joys of our marriage with our spouse will be so much greater! Your focus won’t be on making marriage work, it will be on praising God, together in perfect harmony!

ILL – So it’s like marriage….but without any of the bad stuff. No nagging fella’s! No insensitive jerk comments, ladies! BOOM

What about children, unborn children, children who die at a very young age, friends, family? There’s no reason to believe we won’t just pick up where we left off here on earth. Our relationships will be richer, deeper…again, unified under the same banner of praising God. Paul encouraged the Thessalonians a lot by telling them he would see them in Heaven and they would all be reunited with their loved ones!

I wish I could spend our entire time talking about the inscrutable glories that await us in Heaven!!! Paul says in 1 Corinthians 2:9 He could never even begin to describe the glory of Heaven in human terms! Paul says we just couldn’t comprehend it!

Imagine all the people you’ll meet. Theologians, Biblical authors…To literally sit down with the apostle Paul and thank him for his tireless efforts! To high five Ruth and thank her for staying faithful in the lineage of Jesus Christ, for helping to set up the book of revelation all the way back in the Old Testament! To put an apple on my head and make David hit it with a sling shot. (What, I can’t die). To hang out with angels who saw the earth created. To talk to Abraham Lincoln just to see how well Daniel Day Lewis got his accent down. (PAUSE) To hang out and have perfectly communicated conversation with your loved one who had a serious disability on earth.

No pain, no suffering, no tears, no worry, no anger, no frustration, no sin, no lying, no jealousy. Oh how indescribable Heaven is going to be. We just can’t possibly wrap our minds around it. EVERY PIECE OF BROKENESS INSIDE OF YOU WILL BE HEALED. NO MORE SUFFERING, NO SIN, NO HURT…ALL THAT YOU ARE, MADE PERFECT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST!

It’s funny but so many people want to know if their pet will be in Heaven.

ILL – Lee likes to say “All dogs go to Heaven but cats go to the lake of fire!” Except when I go over to his house to hang out….HE’S GOT CATS! You’re playing with fire buddy. I’ve got a 190 lb Great Dane. I’ve got a whole different set of problems. In my backyard. Piles of problems.

There’s really nothing that says we won’t enjoy them for all eternity…Animals do have ‘NEPHESH’ the breathe of life. God created them, made Noah put save them on the ark…while inferior to humans in every way…who’s to say NO? The Bible says with God all things are possible….but with the people you’ll meet and the awesomeness of God, you won’t care:)

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