3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Sure, we think of heaven when the going gets rough, but how about when good times prevail, do we not hesitate?

Heaven Second To None 2003

My Father who set wings to my heart. My Father who never ceases to impart. I see through a glass dimly, then face to face. My dreams will come true when I leave this lonely place. For boredom will never find us, nor will depression see our face. The Son will call us up and forever we will be from grace to grace.

No eye has seen , no ear heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him, 1 Cor 2:9. What ever dream or great thing you can think of besides salvation is still second to heaven. Because there is nothing imaginable to compare it to.

Why? Because we can’t go there physically, so we can only search the scriptures and let our imagination fill in the blanks. Consider John 14:1, in My Fathers house are many mansions (KJV). Think of Beverly Hills and multiply it by a million and you can begin to think what is in store for us.

Streets of gold? When we have no comparison so we put it on the back burner and move on. I think God’s feelings are hurt when our desire to be with Him in heaven takes a back seat to our earthly ministry. Yes, He’s called us to the great commission, but can our hearts really rather be anywhere else?

Sure, we think of heaven when the going gets rough, but how about when good times prevail, do we not hesitate? Remember as good as it get’s is still misery compared to the throne room of glory.

What ever is true, good, praiseworthy, excellent, think on these things, Phil 4:8. I can think of nothing better than my Fathers house. I dream about what it will be like and let my imagination run wild, but not out of control.

I wonder if any testimonies of those who say they were dead, went to heaven and came back were true? What about our dreams we will never see here, will they come true there? We can’t out give God and we can’t out dream Him either. We know we won’t be just floating on clouds and strumming on harps.

What ever He has us do we will enjoy to our hearts content. Every eye dry, no more depression, all things become new. We can eat and never get fat or grow bald you men. Eternal credit cards for woman?

Eternal golf for men? Then I’ll show you a more excellent way. Things are nice if in there proper perspective, but to literally walk with Jesus and sit at His feet in fellowship, face to face just floors me.

Can there be anything better? To take an angelic tour of the New Jerusalem? To walk on the streets of gold? To drink from the river of life instead of just singing about it? To see His face and to fellowship spirit to spirit. What would you ask Him? What would you ask the Apostles and the Prophets? How about saved family members that went ahead of you that will be there to greet you. Were you blind, deaf or crippled here? You won’t be there. Cancer will never be an issue again either.

Do you believe that if you die at an old age you will be forever young and beautiful there? Forever never stops, so beam me up Scotty. No more death, sin or boredom. We will be busy bees and never complain the work is too hard or difficult.

Will we just think and then be there? Boeing will have nothing on us, all things will be new. Aerodynamics will be a mortal thing of the past, immortality eternal makes my heart beat fast. What is now will forever be set free. Can you think of anything you’d rather see? Eternity awaits us can we not be pressed to dream? One second we’re here, the next we’re there, the rapture, the twinkling.

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