3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: As we continue this study of the biblical view of end times, this next message focuses in on what will happen in heaven once Jesus Christ gathers all his believers from the earth prior to the Tribulation.

A Biblical View of The End Times


1 Corinthians 3:10-15

Intro: As our journey through the events surrounding the end times continues, we come to an event that will take place in Heaven while the Tribulation Period is going on here on earth. During the time of the tribulation there are two great events that will be taking place in Heaven. It is these two events that will be the focus of the messages, both tonight and next Sunday tonight. These two events are The Judgment Seat of Christ and The Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Tonight, I would like for us to take some time to look into the event known in the Bible as the Judgment Seat of Christ. This is an event that is spoken of in several passages of Scripture. Notice 2 Corinthians 5:10 and Romans 14:10-12. These passages, along with the passage I am preaching tonight, all speak of the same event. They refer to a time when every child of God will stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and give an account of their service to the Lord.

I don’t mind telling you that when I think of that event, I do so with a bit of dread. I know that there will be plenty to answer for in that day. However, I also want you to know that there will be far more for us to look forward to than there will be for us to fear! For it is on that day that the fruits of the journey are rewarded. It is that day when we may hear the Lord Jesus say, "Well done thy good and faithful servant." It is that day that I want to preach about tonight.

I challenge every person in this room to allow the Lord to speak to your heart tonight.


• Verse 11 makes it clear that this is an event that is for believers only!

o In other words, if you aren’t building from your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, then you will not be at the Judgment Seat of Christ, but you will either be in the Tribulation or you will already be in Hell!

o Let me remind those of you that are not saved; you are one day closer to eternity than you were yesterday!

o You need to prepare to meet God!

• With that in mind, let’s see what will be discovered about the saints of God on that day.

A. Our Methods Will Be Discovered (v. 10)

• Paul tells us that "how" we built on the foundation will pass under the microscope of God in that Day.

• The whole idea of this verse is this:

• When the Lord saved your soul, He placed you on the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Since the very moment you were saved, you have been building a life.

o This life can either be a thing of glory to the Lord, or it can be a thing of disgrace before the Lord.

o When we stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ, we will answer for how we have built our lives.

• At this point, it may help us to understand this thing better if we define just what we are talking about.

o In Paul’s day, in every city there was a place called the Bema, or judgment seat.

o It was from this raised platform, usually in the center of town that announcements were made, judgments rendered and commendations handed out.

o It was at the Bema Seat that rewards were given out to the winners of the Greek games.

o All public proclamations came from this Bema seat.

o So, we must not think that it was only a place for fear and trembling.

o Certainly some were rebuked when they came here, but many others were rewarded and blessed.

• Christ’s seat of judgment is no different!

• There are two issues that will not be addressed at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Those issues are:

1. Salvation

• No lost person will appear at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

• There will be another Judgment that take care of the lost sinner.

• If you are here, you are saved!!!

2. Sin

• Sin was taken care of forever at Calvary when the Lord Jesus died, John 19:30!

• Now, when a sinner places his faith in the Lord Jesus for salvation, all his sins are forever taken care of!

o They will not be mentioned when we arrive here!

o What will be dealt with is the manner in which we have lived this earthly life, from the moment of our conversion until the day we died, or were raptured.

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