Summary: If we not protected, devil will use sword of discouragement to defeat us in our walk with the Lord.

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

1 June 2014

Ephesians 6:13-18


Shield of Faith speaks:

• Daily faith/God causes us to trust Him all seasons of life

• Times/good, “Righteous shall live by faith” Rom. 1:17

• Times/bad, “Righteous shall live by faith.”

• Even when “fiery darts” devil/raining down all around us

• “shield of faith” protects us/allows us stay/fight/glory/God

• allows us to “stand, and having done all to stand

• We become an impossible target for the devil to hit.

Piece/armor/attention today/Bonnet Of Salvation

• Bible says, “And take the helmet of salvation.”

• days when men wore armor into battle

• Referred to their “helmet” as a “bonnet”

• Let’s examine/piece/armor/consider/importance/our daily lives.



Helmet worn/ancient soldier was utmost importance

• Made of thick leather covered by plates of metal

• or solid metal/beaten into the shape/human head

• Ancient helmets/metal extensions covered the cheeks

• Designed to protect the face.

Purpose/helmet is obvious--designed to protect/head

• ancient times many armies employed cavalry

• soldiers mounted on horseback most carried a broadsword

• This sword different from/sword mentioned v 17


Broadsword/two-handed sword

• Three/four feet in length/double-edged blade

• sword was swung by mounted soldiers in an effort

• split the skulls/enemy, or to decapitate them

• helmet helped to deflect the blow of the broadsword

• Thus, it protected the foot soldier from injury.


Text says spiritual “helmet” we/wear/spiritual battles is the “helmet of salvation.”

• Indicates Satan’s blows are aimed at our minds

• intent on destroying our sense of security

• Our assurance in Jesus Christ.

If the devil can strike a blow against us that causes us to become discouraged and filled with doubt

• He will have little trouble sidelining us/taking us out/battle

• Like the ancient broadsword

• sword wielded by our enemy the devil is a two-edged sword

• One of those edges is discouragement-one is doubt.

Let’s look at The Bonnet Of Salvation, and learn how this piece of the armor can protect us from both discouragement and doubt.



If we not protected, devil will use sword of discouragement to defeat us in our walk with the Lord.

• Cause us to look at our sins/failures/problems in our lives/health issues/any other negative situation we face in life.

• When he gets our attention off the Lord

• on the negative issues we face in life

• He knows we will begin to doubt the Heavenly Father’s love and care for us.

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