Summary: „X Broadly defined: prophetic insight is simply the mind and heart of God being revealed to our minds and hearts „X God is in the process of pouring out His mind and heart in a fresh way¡K different than he had done with the prophets of Israel „X We not

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We began last week looking at hearing from God.

„X Broadly defined: prophetic insight is simply the mind and heart of God being revealed to our minds and hearts

„X God is in the process of pouring out His mind and heart in a fresh way¡K different than he had done with the prophets of Israel

„X We noted that following Christ, the term prophetic carries a new purpose¡K pervasiveness¡K presumption¡K from that of the Old Testament.

This week¡K TURN TO THE PROCESS, in which we can learn from the prophets¡K in particular, Habakuk (note: Found towards end of OT, before Nahum & Zephaniah). Joke: It¡¦s a great name for any soon to be parents.

Before turning to this process¡K I know it can be a confusing or intimidating subject for some.

Story of two big city coaches from Univ. of Washington ¡K Pullman

It seems these two big city coaches from the University of Washington were snooping over around in Washington State country in Pullman. It was winter and they heard that one of the specialties of the area was ice fishing, so they decided to try their hand at it. They went to a sporting goods store and bought all the required paraphernalia that was necessary ¡V lines, poles, lures, bait, a small power saw, a tent, a Coleman stove ¡V the whole bit ¡V and then they found some ice, pitched their tent and started to cut a hole in the ice. Just as they got into the spirit of the thing, a loud, awesome voice from above proclaimed: ¡§There¡¦s no fish under the ice.¡¨ Well, that stopped them for a minute but they looked quizzically at one another, and then, embarrassed to acknowledge this eerie voice to each other, turned back to their saw and the ice. But just as they got going again they heard the voice again: ¡§There¡¦s no fish under the ice.¡¨ They stole embarrassed looks at each other but kept on sawing. Now, a third time, even louder than before, the booming voice thundered at them: ¡§There¡¦s no fish under the ice.¡¨ Finally, one of them could stand it no longer, stood up and cried out ¡V ¡§Is that you, Lord?¡¨ And the voice boomed out ¡§No, this is the manager of the ice skating rink.¡¨

Many of us may feel confused¡K others may feel frustrated.

We can all struggle in our hearts at times when friends, spouses, or anyone we see are led in ways we haven¡¦t experienced.

„X Let me say that any discussions about how we might hear from God is about helping, not honoring any particular experience. WE HONOR PEOPLE, NOT EXPERIENCES.

„X All that we¡¦re called to do is ¡§seek all God has, discern all we sense, and hold on to what is good.¡¨


One whom God had called as prophet during period in which the people had fallen to Babylonian rule¡K saw the devastation around him¡K called out to God and would indeed receive insight into what was at hand, namely that Babylon would fall¡K as it did in 539 BC, 66 years after God spoke to Habakuk. Here we catch a glimpse of the process. Having lifted up what he said to God, he then went on:

I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what he will say to me¡K, Then the LORD replied: ¡§Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald my run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay. Habakkuk 2:1-3.

1. Take a watchful position

„X Using imagery of the ramparts, refer to the walls of Jerusalem. The first thing Habakuk does is take up a watchful position.

„X He steps into a place of responsibility and expectation.

-- So often we think of God involved with the world ¡K with us observing from the sidelines. Then a problem gets out attention, we say ¡§Where is God,¡¨ and God says ¡§Where are you?¡¨

-- I believe God is stirring his church today to their position.

„X It is a step we can observe throughout scripture: a call to take our position comes first, then, as that all is responded to, God¡¦s leading comes¡K

-- Abraham, Moses, Samuel, Disciples, Paul

-- Illus.: My accepting the pastorate of this church. I was in the position¡K but God

needed me to take it.

„« We each have various positions to watch over.

-- They may vary according to what¡¦s at hand in our lives¡K city¡K family¡K

individuals¡K yourself (¡K just seeking God)

„X If we desire God¡¦s leading, the first question to as is: FOR WHOM ARE YOU WATCHFUL?

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