Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Many people are going through storms of life, some are lost in directions, lost in decisions, lost in ideas. But don't give up, don't lose hope, Help is on the way

Then he said to him, “Please go and see if it is well with your brothers and well with the flocks, and bring back word to me.” So he sent him out of the Valley of Hebron, and he went to Shechem. Now a certain man found him, and there he was, wandering in the field. And the man asked him, saying, “What are you seeking?” So he said, “I am seeking my brothers. Please tell me where they are feeding their flocks. ” And the man said, “They have departed from here, for I heard them say, ‘Let us go to Dothan.’ ” So Joseph went after his brothers and found them in Dothan. (Genesis 37:14-17 NKJV)


Today I want to use this space to minister to you that you shall end up well in Jesus name. No matter your situation now, no matter what you are going through, you shall end up well. You may be going through difficult times, it doesn't mean you won't finish well. You will end up well in Jesus name. Amen

In the above text you will see that Isreal, Joseph's father asked him to go and check up his brothers, and of-course Joseph obeyed his father, I believed he just wore his normal simple clothing and a slippers and went to Shechem. There are many people also that just decided to visit a Town, City or a Country. But something unexpectedly happen and they end up stuck. Are you in the kind of situation that your intention was not to live in a Town, City or country that you are in. Joseph never had the intention of living home for a very long time, he just went to check up his brothers. My prayer for you today is that you shall find help in Jesus name.

In the above text the bible recorded that Joseph went to Shechem, but on getting there he didn't find his brothers there, Joseph was at the right place at the wrong time, Do you also feel you are at the right place but at the wrong time? Have you submitted the right application to the right place but at the wrong time? Have you started the right business but at the wrong time? Of have you travelled to the right Town, City or Country at the wrong time? Well I can give many examples of people doing the right thing but at the wrong time. My prayer for you is that you will find help in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus.

Joseph got to the right place Shechem but the wrong time, because his brothers have left Shechem to go to Dothan. On getting to Shechem Joseph was searching for his brothers every where, but couldn't find them. Do you also feel the same way, are you in a similar situation that you are looking for something. What are you looking for? A job, your resident permit, a business, etc. You shall find what you looking for in the name of Jesus. The same way Google help us find informations on the internet. so is the divine way of bible helping you find answers. So you see, if you can open your heart more to the word of God you shall find answers to all your questions.

Also the bible said Joseph was wandering around, Are you in a situation where you are wandering around, are you lost in thoughts. lost in ideas, lost in direction, My prayer for you today is God will connect you with helpers of your destiny in the mighty name of Jesus. The word of God will give you solutions to your situations. Seek the word, create time to study, also the teachings and preachings you hear at your local churches, go through them again, learn and continue learning.

The bible recorded that a certain man found him wandering, This man's name was not mentioned, this helper of Joseph destiny directed Joseph to the place where his brothers departed to. Dothan. My prayer for you today is that the helper of your destiny shall locate you, don't give up, it's not over, God will send you someone that will direct you, someone that will help you. For every challenge you are going through now, you shall end up well. Let's pray the following prayers

1, Lord connect me with Helpers of my destiny

2, Lord I shall wander around no more in Jesus name.

3, Lord let me be at the right place at the right time, Above all let me be where you want me to be in the mighty name of Jesus.

4, Joseph obeyed his father, Lord I will not carry the spirit of disobedient in the mighty name of Jesus.

5, Lord thank you for answered prayers

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