Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: How catching fish relates to catching men.

Henceforth Thou Shalt Catch Men

Luke 5:1-11

James Sulton

I wish to bring to your attention some things about catching fish, that are in relation to catching men.

I. The ship they used in reference to church.

a. Large or small still ship or church.

b. Still used for same purpose - to carry fishermen and their net.

c. Matthew 28:20 - vehicle to carry gospel.

II. The tools or equipment.

a. A net, the word or the gospel.

b. Persistence or faith

III. It must be done right. "At thy command."

a. Launch out into the deep where the big fish are.

b. Explore some, experiment some.

c. In the deepness of sin lurke some big men.

d. The net must be let down.

1) Command of Jesus: GO

2) Some go without a net. No preparation

3) But the net must be clean. Preacher / teacher. Weeds, moss, debris. Sin washed away.

4) Let down nets for a draught. The Lord knows, men guess.

5) They filled both of their ships.

IV. The Bible says that the backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways.

a. All that fish would have sunk the boat.

b. All that we want may not be good for us.

c. When Peter saw his position before Jesus, he repented.

d. This may be our need today.

V. There is a business greater than and much more important than catching fish.

a. When God calls men, they must lay down the things of the world.

b. I beseech you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God...

VI. When our net is clean and we go at the command of Jesus, by faith, we catch men and gather them into the kingdom of God.

Mt. Gilead

First preached Sunday Morning, Aug. 28, 1966

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