Summary: Jesus offers deliverance that enables us to “straighten up” and live life to the full.

Title: Here I am!

Ref: Luke 13:10-14

Summary: Jesus offers deliverance that enables us to “straighten up” and live life to the full.

Too many people today are over-medicated. In some cases, the issue is not physical but spiritual. Only Jesus can heal the spiritual issues in our lives. Jesus came to give us a full life but the devil is working full-time to steal it away. Let us join with the lady here, as we get to where Jesus is and make our presence known. Then, when Jesus touches us, we too, will be enabled to “straighten up” and live life to the full.

Author: Ray Waldo

Date: 16 March 2008

Focus: If we want it, Jesus is offering a FULL LIFE!!


* Next Sunday is Easter – Let us be about our Master’s business this week

* TODAY is the present – what is going on NOW? Are you living life to the FULL?

I. The devil steals, kills, & destroys (Jn 10:10)

A. Woman was crippled: bent over unable to straighten up

1. This woman had a physical ailment but other problems may be just as debilitating

2. People today are “unable to straighten up” – also: spiritual, emotional, financial problems

3. They are crippled by their circumstances & their environment

4. And they feel helpless to do anything about it

B. She had been in this shape for 18 years

1. After that long, the problem would be, “just how it is” – no expectation of change

2. How long have you been suffering? Do you ANTICIPATE a change today?

C. It was the work of a demoniac force

1. What is often overlooked is this PHYSICAL problem was caused by a SPIRIT

2. KJV, “spirit of infirmity” – Demonic oppression (or possession)

3. Medicines & surgery will not fix a SPIRITUAL problem!! – too many prescriptions

4. Only Jesus can fix issues of the heart & soul

II. We only need to come to Jesus

A. Jesus was teaching in a synagogue

1. Just a note on house churches – ok, but Jesus taught in a church building

2. This story tells of the importance of teaching (compare to preaching)

B. She WENT to the meeting

1. If you want help, the first step is to go where Jesus is – church

2. Invite someone to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection next week – Easter or ANY week

C. She made herself visible

1. We can either HIDE or STAND OUT for Jesus to see

2. We can either stand & speak in worship – or hide & quietly observe

3. Whatever she did, Jesus “saw her” & recognized her situation

4. I will join this lady – let the Savior know that I am here & I am in need!!

III. Jesus gives Abundant Life

A. Jesus saw – called – spoke freedom

1. Jesus called – the woman RESPONDED – will YOU respond this morning?

2. When she came, Jesus FREED her from oppression/possession of the spirit of infirmity

B. Jesus touched her & immediately she straightened up

1. Jesus put his hands on her & something happened!!

2. Previously, she “could not straighten up at all.” – now, “SHE straightened up”

3. What she was unable to do before, Jesus ENABLED her to do now

C. She praised God (Lu 8:35; Jn 10:10)

1. The natural response to deliverance is to REJOICE!

2. The second response is being GRATEFUL

3. The LASTING response is to continually PRAISE & WORSHIP our Deliverer

Conclusion: A FULL life is to have and be everything God intends us to have & be

* The devil & his demons attempt to steal & destroy the good things in our lives

* If we want to live to the FULL, we need to get to where Jesus is & make ourselves known

* When Jesus frees us & gives us life, He ENABLES us to “straighten up” & live a FULL life

Published by Bishop Ray Waldo, 50486 Lester Lane, Loranger, LA 70446, USA


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