Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 4th sermon in the series "Discipleship". This sermon shows us that we are not to worry but trust in God’s provision.

Sunday Evening October 7, 2001 Bel Aire Baptist Church, Hobbs, NM

Series: Discipleship[#4]


Luke 12:22-31


This is the third part of this sermon concerning the requirements of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

This evening we will look at the third requirement of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Turn with me to Luke 12:22-31.

Do you trust in God to provide for all of your needs or do you worry about it?


When I was a youth minister in the little farming community of Wildorado, TX; I took the youth on their annual trip up in the mountains. Our youth went up into the mountains by Glorietta every year. We set up two huge army tents, one for the girls and one for the boys. During that week, we “roughed it”. There was no electricity or anything like that.

What made this trip really interesting was that we took another church with us. This youth group was from the city of Amarillo and almost all of those youth were girls. They were also girls from very influential families and were accustomed to only the very best in cosmetics, food, and clothing.

I want to tell that the most enjoyable part of the week was watching these girls worry about how their hair looked, how their cosmetics looked, how their clothes looked, and what they ate. It got bad. Our pastor’s daughter had brought a curling iron that was powered by butane and I want to tell you, she rented that thing out for a $1 per use and made a “killing”. What’s my point? These girls spent their entire time worrying about things that did not matter and if the truth be known gained very little from the great spiritual teaching and worship that we had.

Don’t (Luke 12:22-23)

A. Don’t Worry.

1. About your life.

2. About what you will eat.

3. About your body.

4. About what you will wear.

B. Life

1. Is more than food.

2. Is more than clothes.

C. Where do you stand concerning worry?

1. What do you live for?

2. What is your priority?

3. Do you worry about these things?

II. Diagram (Luke 12:24-30)


I don’t know about you but I am one of those people that do better learning something when you show me a diagram or a picture. When I was working for McDonald’s I found out that most people learned what to put on a particular hamburger by looking at the picture, not by reading the handout. That is what Jesus did here. He gave us a picture, a diagram, to understand why we are not to worry and trust God.

A. Ravens

1. This illustration of a bird gives us the picture of diligence.

2. Birds work hard gathering straw and twigs to build a nest. A mother bird works hard gathering worms for her babies and when it comes time to learn how to fly, the mother pushes her babies from the nest and lets them test their wings.

3. We don’t see these birds worrying about these things. Jesus is telling us that if these birds are not worried why should we be worried? The birds know Who is in control, do we?

B. Lillies

1. This illustration of a flower gives us the picture of dependence.

2. A plant is completely dependent on someone to plant it, water it, and keep the weeds from growing in too close.

3. We as disciples are also to be completely dependent upon God. We have no control over where we are planted. God has planted you exactly where He wants you to be and He is the one that is in control, not you.

C. You

1. Are you being diligent for the Father?

2. Who is in control of your life?

III. Do (Luke 12:31)

A. Do Seek God

1. Do you really believe that God will provide for all your needs?

2. We are not to worry about these things.

3. We are to be seeking God and doing His will. If you will spend your time seeking out what God has planned for you and spend your time thinking upon the things of God, there will not be time for worry. Idleness is your enemy. If you sit around very long not thinking on the things of God you will begin to worry.

B. Things

1. The promise here is that once you seek God, all of these things will be given to you.

2. What are all of these things? It is the things that are listed above that we are not to worry about. That simple.

3. Disciples trust that God will provide.

C. Here’s The Deal

1. Don’t worry.

2. Seek God.

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