Summary: There’s a big body out there. Let’s like them.

This morning going to talk to the church

Romans 12:9-21

Not members of a building- but of a body

The body of Christ- not an organization- but an organism

Something that’s alive- and moving

God’s church has been changed, thwarted, and twisted

Changed into Rules and regulations- do’s and don’ts

If it was up to “the religious” nobody would get to serve God

I have switched from religion to a relationship

Church, if you haven’t switched yet, then switch

You’re either serving out of RELIGION or RELATIONSHIP

You give somebody rules and they’ll find out how break them w/o getting caught

Give somebody your heart and time, they’ll run to you and not from you

The same Goes for you

When you see that you have God’s heart and not His rules

You’ll quit running from God and start running to Him

So how do we show this heart?

How do we exhibit the heart of God?

From this scripture we will learn how to live for relationships


Paul gives us a beautiful outline of how to live as the church

1. Don’t be a hypocrite

Hypocrites have one of two natures

1. They either truly think they are holy and the standard for God

2. Or they know they’re the same as all of us, trying to fake you out

In the church, if you don’t act fake, people judge you

But if we’re going to touch the world for Christ, need to be real

Why are we so afraid of people knowing WHO we really are?

The only way to have a true relationship is know somebody


Christians aren’t perfect

They have marital problems

They have job problems

They have kid problems

They have moral problems

They have lust problems

They have financial problems

Christians are real people

BUT, When people who have the same problems come into a church

They want to confess their sins, seek a haven with REAL PEOPLE

Not the church they’ll say

“OH I can’t believe they did that”, “thought that”,

We judge- When the world needs a pardon, all they find is a judge

Church if we’re gonna be different, WERE GONNA HAVE TO BE REAL

Let’s not be hypocrites

Not so real that you overlook all your problems- like they’re OK

But real enough to remember- People are hurting, They need a pardon, not a judge

2. Pay back evil with good VS. 4- VS.17-18 VS.21

We know this one by heart—

but returning evil w/good & cussing about it- That doesn’t help

It has to be in our hearts to forgive, love and pursue peace

Romans 14:19 “Let us pursue the things that make peace.”

You might be asking someone to come to Church- worried about their soul

What about you? Someone in your life- you haven’t forgiven

Well I’ll show him- That’ll teach her- I never forget that

Pay back evil with good-

Peace is a good seed- and you’ll reap that Harvest

If you’re sowing unforgiveness- you’ll reap that too

3. Listen to people- VS. 15- If they’re hurting – hurt with them

If they’re rejoicing- shout and be happy

When I tell other people or preachers that our church has one heart and unity

They’ll get mad- You walk off “It’s a cult” “I knew it”

When someone wins, we all win- When someone loses, we all lose.

4. Lighten up- VS. 16- Not everybody is like you, and we’re glad

Some guys see other guys and say-

He’s got an earring- tattoo, nose ring, - Why do they have to do that

But they guy that has tattoo, nose rings, earrings could say

“Hey man, You’re wearing cowboy boots, wranglers, hat, dip.”


The cultural barriers in Lubbock are ridiculous

I thought getting Baptists and Pentecosts to talk was tough

Try Getting some white people to talk to some black people

White people will eat in mexican food restaurants- but they can’t talk to one

The bigotry that exists in this city is sickening-

Some preachers “in the name of Jesus” try to justify – You cant reach them- BULL

Not here- not me- There is no good in any of us- except Jesus Christ

If you can look at someone, think you’re better- U don’t know Jesus at all

LIGHTEN UP! - We’re different- and it’s beautiful

Right before this passage Paul tells How to help people even more

5. Be Real VS. 3-8

Don’t think more highly of yourself, that you should

Use the gifts that God has given each of us

Many want a gift- They get it – Won’t use it

The way church works isn’t through programs

Knocking of doors, Loud Music- Fancy preaching

Church works when everybody is using their gifts

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